Criminal Class And Their Minions Walk FREE!

It is hard to imagine how little time it took the world to turn into a one world totalitarian society.

Now with this new scam of monkeypox being rolled out and me being predominantly shut off from most of society on a voluntary basis.

I associate with very few and I know many are in similar situations.

Meeting Like Minded People

We met a new friend at a local pub here in Antigua.

He and my wife were talking about the vaccines and quickly found out that neither has been jabbed.

Now Rodolfo is a little further down the rabbit hole than my wife. Not that she is not awake but I keep up on the conspiracy in greater depth.

I am currently putting the details of a project to help people be able to socialize and build relationships with people that are awake or awakening.

Now we know much more truth and people STILL don't give a shit.

Ron Paul wrote a great article addressing the crimes of this evil bitch, Dr. Birx, he wrote:

Take Trump’s White House Covid response coordinator Deborah Birx, for example. She was, as the Brownstone Institute’s Jeffrey Tucker points out in a recent article, the principal architect of the disastrous “lockdown” policy that destroyed more lives than Covid itself. Birx knew that locking a country down in response to a virus was a radical move that would never be endorsed. So, as she admits in her new book, she lied about it.

She sold the White House on the out-of-thin-air “fifteen days to slow the spread” all the while knowing there was no evidence it would do any such thing. As she wrote in her new book, Silent Invasion, “I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for extending it longer, but I had two weeks to get them.”

You can read the complete original post here: Ugly Covid Lies

Remember the "you will own nothing and be happy"quote from our chief evil doer, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum?

They need to collapse the economy to accomplish this gosl.

This way using Black Rock, who has $50 billion waiting to buy up distressed properties.

Drive up price then crash price to get hold of the land.

How do you not see this?

Check this partial list out from the Economic Collapse Blog

14 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Poised To Crash Really Hard During The Second Half Of 2022

Small businesses are starting to fail all over the country, a housing crash of potentially epic proportions has started, layoffs are on the rise from coast to coast and economic activity is really slowing down all around us. So if you think that things are bad now, just wait, because they will soon be a whole lot more painful.

In recent days we have gotten more new numbers that seem to confirm that a major economic slowdown is upon us. The following are 14 signs that the U.S. economy is poised to crash really hard during the second half of 2022…

#1 One survey that was just released discovered that 35 percent of all small business owners in the U.S. “could not pay their rent in full or on time in June”.

#2 A different survey found that 51 percent of all small business owners in the U.S. believe that rising prices could “force them to close their businesses within the next six months”.

#3 It is being reported that 45 percent of all small businesses in the U.S. have already decided to freeze the hiring of new workers.

#4 Sales of previously owned homes dropped 5.4 percent during the month of June. That is now the fifth month in a row that we have seen a decline.

#5 In three-fourths of the metro areas that Redfin tracks, at least 25 percent of home sellers reduced their asking price during the month of June.

#6 Blackstone has prepared a war chest of 50 billion dollars so that it can scoop up depressed real estate all over the country after housing prices have crashed in the months ahead.

#7 The number of Americans applying for jobless benefits has risen to the highest level in eight months.

It is time to intensify you efforts to getting together with like minded people that realize we were lied to about everything.

This guys video on my Odysee Not For Normies channel has gotten 134 views and I only have 9 followers on this new channel I created.

He is right, it is all bullshit!

This line nails it, "We have distanced ourselves so far from the truth that people don't even recognize it anymore."

Sad part if you speak about it they call you some sort of name but when I ask,

Do you trust the government?

That answer is always, "NO"

Criminal Pedophiles Walk Free Among Us

The evidence is overwhelming as to what is happening in this world run by Satanic Pedophile Adrenochrome addicted criminal class and it is time we wake up to this manipulated reality-

Evil does seek to maintain power by suppressing the truth. -Dr. Spock, Star Trek

There are evil forces and it is about time we learn where we are and our direct connection to the Greatest Of Dimensions (GOD) and the heavenly realm located in the firmament.

If you do not realize we are not on a ball spinning at 1,000 MPH, circling the Sun at 67,000 MPH, with our entire solar system dragged by the Sun at 500,000 MPH, then it is time to wake the fuck up!

I realize 80% of those I know will go to the "Smart Cities" and the rest of us must banned together in local small communities out in nature.

If you are interest in helping form a group that you can meet with in your area, let me know with a comment below.

I am currently putting the details of a project to help people be able to socialize and build relationships with people that are awake or awakening.

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