Military Tribunals are currently in Motion, but not Reported by the Mainstream Media as They Have not Been Invited to Attend ! Pain now coming for DeepState Clowns!

In this great video from David Zublick and Truth Unsealed , where he talks on the Military tribunals of people going on secretly and under the radar since the 20th of Dec ! They are being held secret as the people and subjects concerned are extremely sensitive to the American Politics and will if not handled properly do unimaginable damage to citizen confidence in our government and its way of being run !

He also touched on the recent discovery of a notebook found in a drive in Motel which was by all accounts owned by a certain Lyn Macnee who who was married to Peter Macnee that was himself running a company for Sir Richard Branson called Virgin Mobile ! It seems the notebook is full of insane information on the subject of child trafficking, the hows and the by who , which is indeed strange as there are now reports surfacing that state that Branson is a similar character to the other Millionaire Pedofile that ran the Loliita Airline to his private island for the rich and famous to enjoy the pleasures of poor and hopelessly lost young girls sold into the dark world of sex slavery ! What makes it worse and more suspicious is that her identity has been completely wipe from the internet and she is currently missing with trace or word coming from her since weeks !

Lets see where all this goes, but its certain to me now that the bell has sounded for these monsters and animals so long hidden from view and suspicion by the celebrity and money ! But no amount of money can now possibly save them from the retribution coming I am sure to hem all !

Found Notebook Key Evidence In Military Tribunals

David Zublick Channel
Published on 7 Jan 2019

The Secret Military Tribunals are underway. Trump fools everyone by putting Sessions, Mattis and Kelly in charge of the proceedings. The mainstream media not allowed in. But patriots will get complete coverage from outlets such as this one.

A mysterious notebook containing a treasure trove of information on child trafficking, money laundering and fraud implicating top players indicted in these crimes will be key evidence in the tribunals, and forces its owner to disappear from the face of the earth for her own safety. Or did she? We have the notebook. We will show you some of the evidence. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!


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