Your state is again being invaded by evil foreigners

By evil foreigners, I mean the federal government.

Joe Biden has announced executive orders to crack down on gun rights. But what I am going to focus more on is that he plans to use federal funds to influence the states into passing legislation that the people do not want and would undermine their due process rights. To mind, it is greater reason for states to secede, and if they don't secede it is about time to make Jan 6th look like Sunday service. Well that last bit is really just fantasy; it's again a reminder to develop plans to escape.

On the bodies of the high profile massacres, which weren't white nationalist as the democrats had hoped, Biden is seeking to crack down on gun laws. Boyfriend/stalking prohibitions and red flag laws are being sought, when we seemed to have gone years without a mass shooting until the house voted to reauthorize VAWA. No one would have expected the son of a church pastor struggling with an womanly addiction to go on a shooting spree. Even the liberal media was saying how impossible it was, as they were trying to sell us on the idea that he hates Asian women [rather than projecting his own failures to control his own sin onto his temptations [women he held ideal]]. And in Colorado where even the Family were concerned about the shooter having his gun before he went off to a jewish market where the police let the victims bleed to death, well they passed a red flag law in 2019. Furthermore that shooter was already on an FBI ISIS watch lists-and they knowingly let him have a gun. Pardon me for wondering if the FBI is communicating to mentally ill individuals expected to do as they instructed.

The Feds wouldn't kill/attack or give immunity to killers to kill innocent Americans to drive American policy would they.

Some of this stuff Biden wants is far reaching. If you and a woman live on the same street and you both take the same path home the same day, she can go to the courts and you can get your own rubber stamped stalking protection order. Now not only can you not say how B___S___ she and the legal process are, but they will also take away your right to self defense. Maybe when you are picking your kids up from a bus stop, she'll have you arrested and you can't bond out. (as happened in Cobb County GA). Maybe the offense will just be an autistic teen waiving waiving hi (Australia, international outrage at teen), or an autistic person who asks a woman for pizza by email (Cobb County, Ga), maybe an autistic person asking a woman to join him for dinner else she'll tell others she had an abortion (Johnson county, IA; 45 year prison sentence), or maybe a man who criticize a cop (Kennebec county, Maine), or an attorney who threatened a SEC action against a county (Cobb county, GA), or maybe a disagreement between commissioner (Cobb County, GA)-and the remedy the evil party seeks is to run to the Joe Biden family court star chamber alleging harassment/stalking.
There is almost no effort to put them on innocent people, and the federal government gives money to legal aid groups to assist the petitioner, even with attorneys, to take away your rights. And you are literally like what the f___, trial in just 10 days; This is BullS___ I didn't do anything; I can't even find an attorney in that amount of time, nor be able to answer the complaint, nor file a counter complaint, commence discovery etc. One of the reasons the FEDERAL court allows a responded 60 days to answer a complaint is because of the time it takes to find an attorney. The system is set up to deny you this opportunity to reasonably find [competent] counsel. Furthermore, there are remedies at law which means that none of these chancery star chambers have jurisdiction to begin with. Additionally, these courts act on an ex parte petition; they violate the respondents due process rights. Will that stop them from acting Criminally? They are just following USDOJ OVW orders steered by Joe Biden Bucks under VAWA through the USDOJ whose legal duty ironically is to prosecute these judge for breaking the law. Who defends the people from those who violates our rights; It is supposed to be federal law enforcement-but they are scheming against us, our speech, our families, our liberty, our guns, our estate, our due process rights, our attorney rights, our rights to a neutral judge. Let's be clear, they are knowingly and willingly failing us and we the people should fire them.

The most dangerous things we learned from the democrats over the decades is that they will use any democratic majority to bribe the state legislatures to subvert our constitutional rights. They have stolen our elections, they have stolen our speech for some 30 years now, they are destroying our families, they have corrupted our judges, and now they are acting to take away your ability not just to defend yourself, but to stand up and remove these tyrants from office which is our natural right...and perhaps final right. The promise of free speech is the hope we can bring about change peacefully without having to go to this extreme, but Joe Biden wants to Quash free speech and the second amendment so he can rape the public by the millions. These liberty interest are things worth more than money, and they shouldn't be decided in a court of chancery; We have jury trial rights for a reason, and these rights are not being honored.

What we are seeing is Lexington and Concord 1776 all over again. You can bet that the first people whom they will take away the guns are all the patriots who visited D.C. on Jan 6th, whether they were at the capitol or not; all of whom were unarmed. Obama's Mentor had been planning to cull tens of Millions of capitalists for some 50 years now. You think they won't do it? Look at what they do to little children the world over to create an oligarchical class that keeps them in power. Obama bought 1.6 billion bullets for domestic use; 5 for each of American; no explanation provided as to why this was purchased.

It's not like we can really rally D.C. to speak to our congressmen in opposition of the bill. They keep themselves locked up in a prison because the tyrants know they are overstepping their constitutional boundaries, that they weren't elected, and that they need to push powerplays to completely disarm the people before the people truly recognize that this is war by foreign agents-against their natural rights as a state and federal citizen-through subverting state sovereignty through Biden Dollars. Why was intelligence warning every state capitol about post Jan 6th Armed resistance when literally none existed, but for a few peaceful bugaloo idiots in one state. It was likely just a drill for what these D.C. crooks had planned for later; the people can coup their own state to restore and protect their rights faster than they could the federal government. The federal government doesn't have the jurisdiction to regulate in this area to begin with; If the people were to retake their state capitol and reclaim their sovereign from such foreign interference, these federal crooks would be rendered impotent in their gun grabbing efforts.

Obviously it is not for me to say join the militia. They are being watched, tracked, monitored, they have moles, its really kind of stupid to think that is the answer-especially after Jan 6th; We live in a surveillance state, and the feds will likely guide their every future action into a trap or to advance their own policies. The Chicoms would love to make any excuse to disappear any person who would think and organize about taking substantial steps to defend liberty; all it takes is an accusation to financially cripple anyone from every having a voice again. There are things that can stop it. Maybe a few Democrats will wake up and realize that our national policies are unsustainable, and take a Stand against Na[n]zi, Chuck, and Biden-but that will likely be too late. An organic rally of hundreds of thousands of armed [even home made arms] people that exceeds the federal governments ability to stop each one could achieve a lasting change, or lone wolves which is why no one in the Chicom administration will step outside the green zone and why congressional democrats have exclusive secret service access [but republicans have none]. The democrats know that what they are doing is a natural evil, and they are begging for the wrath of God. But seriously, seek to escape and avoid this mess. The Wrath of God is not anything you want to be near.

If there is a federal agent reading, it is time to consider talking to your fraternal brotherhood and either start resigning en mass or forming a resistance cell. You aren't working for the American people any more, you are working for an unelected communist regime. Each time facebook/twitter sends you on a joyride to intimidate, investigate, harass,and humiliate people for expressing an opinion what you are doing is similar to the red guard to silence the dissent. I know you aren't being trained in the first amendment, and the failure to teach you what the law is opens you up to Biven claims whereas the first amendment is clearly established. You may laugh it off with qualified immunity as much as the courts allow you, but you are destroying peoples lives, and their ability to make a living, and you are causing even greater resentment by the people against you, and things are bubbling. Bubbles are bad; they burst. The left hates you; Just look at Portland or Antifa/BLM in general. The local communist prosecutors will cut them loose for their arsons, batteries, and vandalism, while conservatives are being held without bond because they peacefully attended a rally in D.C.-some of whom, like Q Shaman, were invited in the chambers by law enforcement. When the MAGA hat people started chanting F___ the police for macing them, you really don't have anyone supporting you anymore except the crooked political class whose numbers are less than a thousand. Some of you may have taken an oath to defend the president whose duty is to protect the constitution, But the president is an unelected communist invader whose life mission has been on ripping the constitution to shreds, locking up and torturing people who disagree with him on policy, destroying our economy, selling us into endless debt to foreign power, creating a new rise of oligarchs subsidized at our poverty, and undermining centuries of established laws through judicial appointments of communists wrapped behind identity politics. The communist president with dementia is not a man worth giving your life for, nor is his cause; To defend his cause makes you an enemy of every Freedom loving American.
Anyways, you seen that the federal government can print trillions of dollars in no time, and the only thing you really are to them is a pawn or a meat shield. You aren't going to be an oligarch despite your loyalty to this corrupt and lawless regime; they see you as expendable. You seen how many capitol police officers have fallen this year; many at their own hand because they weren't prepared for their moral decisions or consequences that day. Yet you also seen other cops kill Ashli, throw citizens off buildings like they were muslims and the citizens were homosexuals, maced people in mass even to the point of trampling citizens-There is no one left who sees you guys as heroes and protectors any more. What do you protect? Thecommunists? Who do you serve? Why you serve legal papers to even further terrorize the people who dare criticize the communists. You seen others cops get away with Murder too, and you seen that the people are so fed up that they caused half a billion dollars damage to their own city-in a case where the cop may actually be innocent for a change [It is not good when bubbles burst]; And extensive damages of a similar nature to hundreds of other cities. This is the wrath of God forming.
All that you are is the force and intimidation arm of a criminal mob falsely parading as a legitimate government; you aren't out there winning policy debates through reason bullying people for speech. If reason were on your side you wouldn't be filling the jails and prisons with political speakers, you wouldn't need big tech cancelling everyone, you wouldn't need to threaten people with arrest for speaking an opinion. You weren't chosen to lead nations or corporations; you were hired to be an immoral sacrificial animal to mindlessly serve the criminal elite who conspires against the people.
The way Washington is running things, we won't last long as a country. Whenever that times comes, you not only need to decide whether you side with the civilians or the criminals in Washington as to avoid the hard choices the capitol police made, but you will also need to plan for what happens afterwards. Would you rather be a murderer hiding behind qualified immunity pretending that God doesn't judge or that the people won't riot, or would you like to find yourself fired for doing the right thing but having failed to develop any financial alternatives? Might I suggest developing the insight to making important decisions today.
It is time for you to take a sabbatical and do your own independent studies on the history of law and on constitutional rights; after which it is time for you to attend law school to protect and serve the people from the lawless politicians, police, D.A, and judges. Consider this your opportunity to reclaim your humanity, an opportunity to escape to escape extreme politics, being pawns for political agendas, and extremism; an opportunity to be a friend of the people, an opportunity to really protect the people, and when you leave law enforcement please give them all the reasons why it is immoral and unethical to serve in law enforcement today and be sure to tell your colleagues why. Encourage your peers to follow your lead. When the crooked politicians see that their meat shields have all quit for moral, legal, and ethical reasons, they will soon realize how dumb it was to think they could buy a meat shield community to permit them to do terrible things to hundreds of millions of Americans [without their consent, obviously]. The people are rejecting the politicians you serve; You should too.