Corona: Fauci, USAID, Carrol, Pedict, Ecohealth Alliance, Daszak: revenge based demand for funding or a deep state coup?

Recently there has been a lot of chatter and backstabbing with dr fauci claiming that is everything was shut down in feb 2020 corona wouldn't be so bad, Meanwhile the cdc director said he wanted everything shut down in february, and previously saying that surgical masks would NOT work against corona, and returned Americans on a cruise ship without their staff wearing any PPE. The total number of known Corona cases in the USA was 30 on March 1rst. Granted a lot of mistakes were made, but certainly the cdc trying to save itself was comical when it is a cesspool of incompetence. If people didn't start acting all retarded in playing captain hindsight, I probably would have just gone about my own way, instead of digging through the rabbit hole.

I did a somewhat deep dive the other day. Found emails of dr fauci declaring his love of Hillary Clinton when she gave her Benghazi testimony, and her staff calling him her doctor admiring, and his wife donating to the Hillary campaign in 2016. Found Fauci in election year 2016 crying the sky is falling over zika, but in 2014 he opposed New York and new Jersey who wanted to quarentine returning doctors from the Ebola panndemic. He was rather arrogant about the US ability to fight diseases, meanwhile the SNS had a puny ammount of ventilators and ppe. But in 2006, the HHS under the bush administration purchased 62 million n95 masks-and the cdc has a n95 reuse policy.And when Now surgeon general is telling people to make face cloth masks,those are less effective than the surgical masks that the CDC and studies say don't work. Well the study did say cloth masks somewhat work with 15-57% effectiveness depending on the size of the particle. If you have to go out certainly wear one, but don't think a mask will keep you safe. But thinking back to d' Tocqueville's on the penitentiary system, what prevented prisoners held in silence and isolation from going crazy [as happened in the first year of the Auburn system]-was work. Dare I say it: These efforts to make these marginally effective masks for health care professionals and others could just be a psychological game to keep you sane under perpetual house arrest. it at least keeps, mostly women, distracted from researching whatever the truth happens to be.

Somehow I started looking for early traces of coronavirus in the news 2 months prior to the year 2020. Although the feature is buggy, google allows you to search custom time ranges of news articles. As started to emerge in news articals again in early April, The trump administration ended funding of the USAID program called predict. The hill reported on it on november 5th 2019, and the new york times october 25th. The predict program had basically collapsed on its own anyways. But as can be predicted that once corona started up, members of the senate wanted to restart the program-including Angus King of Maine and Senator Warren of Massachusetts. So I did some more digging on predict and wuhan. Eventually I stumbled upon this research article, describing about the discovery of a rich gene pool of bat sars in a cave in Yunnan providence and the results of the sars viru they carry. 11 new strands of sars from the horseshoe bat. If you haven't caught it by now, the animal that so far has the closest known match is the horseshoe bat from the caves of Yunnan providence. I see in editing that infowars had reported this study 2 days ago, but because of relying on the dailymail they misattributed the source of US funding to the NIH.

So who was funding the research of this study ? Lo and behold, the USAID predict program was among them.


If I were to make an educated guess, ZLS is the ilitials for Zheng-Li Shi, of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who was involved in the study. I have no idea who PD would be. Zheng-Li Shi was also in an early unpublished corona paper also naming it covid19.

The USAID organization has been involved in other shady things, like creating a cuban twitter with the goal of overthrowing the cuban government. . Pandos reports on other schemes by USAID which allegedly includes involvement in the Ukraine. Pandos also links to an L.a Times article about the USA training 100k brazilian troups to lead through terror. Again in Uraguay. Assassinations in Haiti. Sterilization of Peruvian women. Giving political power to russian oligarchs in the 1990s, and interference in Palestinian elections. Seriously, go read the Pandos article. That is the kind of people behind USAID, and the predict program researching all these deadly diseases.


The argument for the predict program was it is a heck of a lot cheaper to identify and try to prevent a pandemic before one started spreading. But I think plenty of cynics may recognize that finding these deadly diseases are the very types of biological weapons that governments would be interested in to crush their adversaries-foreign or domestic. Biological warfare is centuries old, if not millennia. Jane Goodall may have a point in that it spread because we didn't respect the animals, and to a good extent that may be true. Of the thousands or hundreds of thousands of years that man has been around, these diseases have existed outside of the realm of humans-until we intentionally introduced them into our world under "controlled environments". And what is the point; to teach people what kind of bats to eat or not to eat? Like that ever stopped people from eating ebola bats. There could be reasons why it is found in a cave as opposed to interacting with humans; the capture animals carrying the newly discovered strands may have been too sickly to begin with or the animal species being nocternal never or rarely interacted people still living with stone to iron age technologies. And supposing there was an outbreak, what would be the point anyways. In his 2016 panel at Georgetown, Dr. Fauci mentioned that there had been an ebola vaccine created as early as 2000. But the demand for it was never great enough to start a commercial interest. Interestingly, he also said that where there would be no commercial interest that it should be the role of the federal government. There are many indicators that Fauci is a big ally of vaccine industries, but he has also published that the phenotypes of these diseases may change too frequently to ever be eradicated. See

The history of USAID goes back to the kennedy administration in 1961. It isn't clear to what extent Dr. Fauci has interacted with US Aid, but it includes the PEPFAR that is being used by doctors to enrich themselves, it includes black genocide programs across the world in the name of saving mothers [by killing/preventing more black babies] in partnership with Norway and Merck. The active head of USAID is a dr Dennis Carrol, who has headed it since 2005. Peter Daszak, of ecoHealth alliance, was reportedly studying 50 strands of Sars for predict in China-though apparently from the Comfort of New York.

It seems early on, Ecohealth Alliance published an expected price tag on a sars like outbreak.

SARS, in the early part of this century end up costing the global economy between $30 and $50 billion. It’s likely that SARS-CoV-2 will have a similarly devastating impact.

These are their board of directors as of oct 2019

These are their scientist as of june 2019:

You can search their twitter feed and watch how they began twitting for bat virus/research centric just before the "official" outbreak in china, after a bunch of silence on bat viruses.


May all just be a bunch of coincidences. What did ecohealth alliance have to do with the yunnan bats?


It doesn't end there. Peter is also a partner with Zheng-li Shi of the Wuhaninstitute of virology.

So there is a full circle. It doesn't necessarily mean that EcoHealth alliance released the virus into the wild. It could have been any number of Chinese researchers, or USAID itself. There is a whole ecosystem that involves the WHO who lied their butts off during the outbreak in China, NIAISs, NIH, NSC, it includes the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and likely many other in the whole vaccine industry and bureaucracy. It also could have been bioengineered, and if so by whom. Wuhan is a suspect, everyones finger will point to that lab. Perhaps too easy of a target too. If it was an intentional release by a set of experts, the Wuhan wet market would be perfect to scapegoat the lab. They may not have expected it to reach the United states let alone the entire world, if they were using previous SARS models.

As far as predict itself. It was started in 2009 through the Obama administration, it operates through USAID which has a history of torturing people, causing poverty on over hundreds of millions of people, forced surgical sterilizations, and government coups. Predict has their hands all over the research with the horseshoe bat found in the caves of Yunnan that is reportedly the animal most closely linked to Corona virus. Predict's activities fell into "hibernation", and by October 2019 it was reported that Trump was pulling the plug on its funding. There was also a john Hopkins, Melinda gates research on the fallout, including economic, of a high level pandemic also in october 2019 called event201. An earlier study called crimson contagion investigating a corona pandemic. US intelligence notes that the disease started spreading in November 2019. The predict partner EcoHealth alliance openly published the expected economic cost as being between 25-50 billion, and on scale with past SARS outbreaks-and before the official outbreak was making tweets about bat viruses and bat research.
There is a lot of formal investigation that needs to go on between the US and Chinese Governments, there need to be public hearings. It is quite possible that this was a true "deep state" ambition under a false guise of philanthropy to engage in a coup of President Trump by causing the US economy to be destroyed and dare his questioning their ecosystem. What the house couldn't do through impeachment, the deep state USAID decided to do through biological warfare on a small scale-but greatly erred to catastrophic levels. That said, I think a simple revenge plot and scheme for more funding is more palpable rather than a coup attempt-but it needs to be investigated. A case for revenge could go back further, when Trump started to slash the NIH budget, or in 2018 when the pandemmic unit of the national security counsel was absorbed into other units leaving many to think we were vulnerable [notably fauci says it wasn't a mistake to slash the nsc unit. But the media still treats it as a cardinal sin]. It is possible trump disturbed a powerful ecosystem that rigidly depended upon federal spending, whose scope is larger than we can perceive, but the malicious actors may be small. At this point in time, I would put the ecoHealth Alliance and its partners high on my list of suspects or suspected conspirators due to their participation with the Yunnan bats and the covid19-like sars-but it could be so many others who needs to be researched.

It is also time to shut down USAID once and for all. But the congress is trying to renew its predict program, and it has already provided predict more money. We can't ignore the role that the united states played in introducing Corona to the world any more.

Despite all the billions of dollars spent over the years and Fauci's confidence in out ability to handle an outbreak, one has to ask what became of the 62 million n95 masks, and why didn't we ever buy the ventilators. The SNS supplies are in "secret warehouses", and the contents of what is in those warehouses remain secret too. Fauci had how many years to ensure the SNS was sufficient, and despite his confidence/arrogance, we were greatly unprepared-and the nature of being so unprepared was a secret withheld from the public. Where did all those billions of dollars go? Where did the substance to Fauci's confidence go? It might be a waste of time to do an audit now, unless it could be completed in say a few weeks.

Feel free to investigate each of these names and organizations. The truth is out there.

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