YouTube Comic Book Guy Fed Up With SJW Infected Superhero TV

(The following is my response to the above video)

Agreed! The show runners on DC and some of the Marvel Netflix shows suck. Stopped watching Iron Fist around episode 5 season 2 because there was a clear Bechdel Test scene that didn't push the story forward at all.

Thanks for watching Supergirl for me. I stopped watching when Supergirl's sister took about 1/2 an episode to decide if she was gay or not. It totally killed the momentum of the show. And it's too bad. The actors are wonderful. And the source material could have made this show a classic. As it stands now the show runners seem more interested in pushing a political agenda than telling good stories.

Stopped watching The Flash when I saw a guy wearing a alien T-Shirt that read "Don't Take Me to Your Leader.", (a jab at Trump). To me, that took that show from Superhero show to again, political commentator. Lame!

And Green Arrow, well...I was satisfied at the conclusion of season 3. Great actors. But again, I tried to watch season 4 and I do not remember why I didn't like it. But there you go.

Legends of Tomorrow, again, same thing. It went from awesome super hero show in season 1 to political laced crap! LAME! Why not create a SJW line of super heroes and see if you can make that something people like. That, instead of ruining the history of comics and just let the characters act in traditional roles.

When you think about it, it's so selfish to push a political or social agenda in a TV show. All those actors work hard to get a series! And they lose work because of crap decisions made by the show runners. And the crews as well! It's nice to have a regular gig! Well, not if a show is canceled!

Of course sometimes life lessons and snapshots of humanity are great to put into narratives. The Original Star Trek seemed to always have something interesting to say. But, it never beat you over the head with it. It was subtle. Todays show runners should take notes on that series.

Geeks at Sci-Fi conventions are generally a very intelligent bunch. I have seen the intelligence level drop off as long time fans move away and the only people remaining are the people too silly to realize Hollywood is playing them as tools in the SJW agenda. And if you look at who is backing that agenda, it's clear there is a connection to Central banking families like the Rothchilds. And they have been using George Soros as their tool. When you look at the overall message it's that men and masculinity and traditionally feminine women are bad. And they prop up alternative lifestyles as somehow holier than classic values, that by the way, is a cornerstone of Western Civilization!

Honestly surprised Daredevil got away with it's 3rd season not seemingly being influenced by SJW programming. However, I have not yet seen Cage. It was canceled similarly to Iron Fist. I see how Iron Fist probably died as real comics fans might have been as turned off by the Bechdel Test crap in it.

Stopped watching Jessica Jones when in the first scene of season 2 we get a heavy dose SJW. And well, it was laced with SJW propaganda through out the 1st season. So, I decided I was happy with season 1 because the saturation of SJW agenda in comicbook themed shows has gotten to the point where I avoid superhero shows and films now.

Way to go comicbook themed TV show runners with your SJW Agendas! You've repulsed your fans!

Lionel of Lionel Media predicts 2019 will see a rush of hyper masculine and hyper feminine people as a backlash against Hollywood pushing LGBTQ on everyone. When you think these folks only make up less than 1% of Earth's population, the frequency that LGBTQ has been force fed into comics, films, and series makes no sense unless of course there is an agenda. Allowing the natural numbers to be represented in a show isn't hate. It's a professionally sound method of sticking to the material.

You want a successful comicbook or sci-fi based show? Guess what? Stick to the material. And remember that 99% of your potential viewership is not LGBTQ. So while we are totally cool with an occasional LGBTQ character, making every episode about it and having the Bechdel Test force-fed down our throats is a great way to get your show canceled!


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