Qanon Detractors Call Him a US Army PSYOP

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of the #InformationWar and it never hurts to revitalize your discernment with some slick propaganda. So, I try to branch out and listen to several people concerning Qanon. So when Jerome Corsi recently confrmed that Qanon was a group of Army Intelligence officers close to Donald Trump, a few people took the bait and made a wild conclusion. And that is that Army Intelligence is running a Psyop against the American people.

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One of the issues I have with Unirock's conclusion here is that he engaged in using a small clip of an entire interview to base his opinion on. This is a technique I first noticed years ago on AM radio. While I never liked Rush Limbaugh, there were times, I would tune in just to hear what propaganda he was spewing. And often, he would go on tirades based on small clips.

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Interestingly, a lot of Unirock's followers on YouTube disagree with him. And basically, they call him out for telling his audience that he is so smart, that he and only a select few of other smart people in his circle are able to see through the subterfuge of Qanon. And hence, you should trust him based on his analysis.

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One wild theory breeds another. Tell a guy that Qanon is a psyop and another guy will tell you cryptocurrency is a conspiracy to control people. Because God knows the Federal Reserve was created with only the best intentions for mankind.

While I am very appreciative of anyone involved in the #InformationWar, I also feel strongly that it's best not to engage in infighting. And here Unirock seems to be throwing down the gauntlet against Jerome Corsi and Qanon. So, I am not sure how he managed to figure that Army Intelligence has been compromised. But simply telling people you know this because you are "smart" isn't cutting it in the evidence area.

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I found it interesting that he got so many negative comments on this video. And, I think this has to do a lot with people do believe Q. And there has been a lot of circumstances that are too perfect between Q and Trump to simply be happenstance.

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Lately, a lot of countries have enacted draconian censorship laws. And we know that YouTube has been turning people's channels off if they do not agree with your position. So while we are dealing with this very real censorship threat to the First Amendment, it's easy to forget that we still have to sift through people who either have an agenda or are in a completely erroneous vector concerning the truth.

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And, while I have also struggled with what is and what is not the truth, I do not hold any ill will towards Unirock. Perhaps some of the comments posted under his video will allow him to look at things differently in the future. And either way, it's always good to get a different perspective. Let's just not weaken the #InformationWar and start a bunch of in-fighting.

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