Control Grid 2020 Reinforcement: How Bout Them Murder Hornets?


I should not be writing this.

I should be doing real work and figuring out my node.
However, there are too many thoughts swirling around my head I need to get out.

Let's get this over with, quickly.

All I'm going to say is that people have been worried about cellphone towers messing up bee navigation and killing them and such. 5G threatens to greatly amplify this threat.

I think we got our answer.

Lo and behold, there is now a reason the bees are dying: it's these damn murder hornets. Look how savage they are! Rest assured, the coming beehive genocide has nothing to do with technology; it's those damn hornets I tell ya.

When famine comes because the bees haven't pollinated anything we'll know who to blame. Pay no attention and the war going on right now to "EARN IT". That's right, privacy is a privilege companies will have to earn, by law. This EARN IT bill is a transparent attempt to institute a stronger police state. Facial recognition, 5G, unprecedented tracking and surveillance, anti-encryption, all in the name of tracking a virus that's a little bit worse than the flu because no one had immunity to it and it's hitting us all at once.


Keep cowering, sheeple.

Normal people I talk to are so fucking scared of COVID. Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up and become a slavemaster like the rest of them rather than a revolutionary. I'd probably survive a lot longer and it would be more profitable.

Perhaps the only way to win this war is to play it as a double agent; make the people think they're being freed from tyranny and offer them from scraps from the table; make the establishment think we're building the next-generation control grid.

Crypto is already kinda like that. All the idealists want a utopia but there is always going to be some kind of wealth inequality. The end goal should be more equity for those who deserve it.

Who deserves it? Who decides that?

If you gave a million dollars to everyone on the planet? What would happen? I'll tell you what would happen: fucking chaos. We've spent entire generations training people to BUY BUY BUY and not think about the future. That's not going to change anytime soon.

Handing out that much value to so many people with zero concept of money management is just going to lead to a situation where capitol floods the market and creates hyper inflation. It would create so much demand for certain items for a certain amount of time that entire businesses would rise and expand to supply that demand. As soon as the money ran dry everything would collapse, as all that business expansion was totally unsustainable and temporary.

matrix dollar.png

When people wake up from the Matrix, what do they find?

They find a harsh reality that they never wanted to live in, in the first place.

Why didn't I take the blue pill?
--They ask.

The truth is the vast majority of citizen's main world view is so contrary to reality that they can't be woken up to the truth. The foundations they've built regarding the world and how it operates would be completely destroyed. The psyche will not allow that to happen.

What if you forced it?

If you force people out of the Matrix who are not ready they are going to be totally useless and psychologically implode like a dying star. I've seen it first hand: the closer I get to proving my points and reaching people there is a snap-back effect and they'll start resorting to getting very angry and lashing out in the most irrational of ways.

The transition must be smoother than that. One might even say that a "safe space" is required, although such a phrase is already a trigger word for a certain political party so I can't even call it that. Just another example of how two-party partisan politics only serves to divide the people who should be rising up against their slave-masters, but likely never will.

Maybe it's for the best.

We all know what the most probable outcome of a slave uprising is: lots of dead slaves; the establishment wins after great suffering across the board. They'll use slaves to enslave slaves; they already do. We have a rich history of that already. Behold this glorious pyramid we've 'intelligently' designed.

Being gullible doesn't make you stupid.

That's the problem with calling people "sheeple" and taking a self-righteous pretentious attitude when it comes to these issues. People are born and raised to be followers and accept the rules. Our survival as a species depends on it. We are a colony; we are ants; we are a hive. There always must be more followers than leaders or the very fabric of society breaks down at the foundation.

I myself used to be quite the rule-follower as a child. Those who follow the rules are amply rewarded for being valuable members of society, correct? It didn't take me too long to figure out that following the rules is for suckers who end up getting stepped on by all the cheaters.

I used to say things as a kid and adults would say shit to me like:

You don't know what you're talking about, you're just a kid.

Yeah, well I'm in my mid thirties now and you're still full of shit.
What's your excuse now?
They always have one.


I fucking hate cheaters!

I've never cheated in an online competitive video game, ever (but I have been accused a few times, which is obviously a fantastic complement). When I see other people do it I'm like really? Are you fucking kidding me? What's the point? It undermines everything.

Yes, cheating does undermine everything,

and so the entire world has been undermined for decades... centuries... eons.

I don't even like dramatic irony, which is where the audience knows something the character in the story doesn't know. I always push for transparency and the truth, and it gets me burned time and time again. I'm learning... slowly and with much tribulation.


Everyone values honesty, amirite?


The problem we find is that profits create the most powerful people. Since the beginning of currency this has been true. This leads many to do anything they can for more profits, which leads to much evil being thrust into this dimension. A billionaire could either allow someone to threaten their industry, or have them killed for $50k. This isn't a tough decision for someone who's already been engulfed in an atmosphere where right and wrong don't matter: only profits.

Incentivizing honesty

There are two ways to get people (and animals) to do what you want them to do.
We have positive and negative reinforcement.

Negative reinforcement is the go-to play.

  • fear
  • pain
  • punishment
  • authority
  • force
  • lies
  • rage
  • threats

These are the tenants of negative reinforcement. Might is right. It is a very effective method of rulership that has been used since the beginning of time. The main advantage of negative reinforcement is that it is very easy to achieve. Someone does something we don't like, so they are punished for it. The classic example of this on Hive is downvoting.

The main disadvantage of negative reinforcement is that it is nowhere near as effective at achieving the desired result; in fact it can often ironically achieve the exact opposite result.

A puppy doesn't know why you rubbed its nose in shit, it just thinks your an asshole. A user on Hive doesn't know why you downvoted them, you're just an asshole. A child doesn't think the punishment fits the crime; so they rebel. Rebellions as a result of negative reinforcement are a classic happenstance. Doubling down on negative reinforcement as a result of rebellion can have catastrophic consequences, as we saw firsthand with the #steemhostiletakeover.


Positive reinforcement

  • patience
  • reward
  • synergy
  • incentive
  • bonding
  • trust
  • transparency

This is the process of rewarding those who perform right action as imposed by the given ruleset. The great thing about positive reinforcement is that it is exponentially more effective than the other option. The problem with it is that it is much harder to invent, organize, and implement the strategies involved that accomplish the desired outcomes.

The greatest barrier to positive reinforcement are the limitations of the entity in charge. Patience is a virtue. One must wait for the puppy to go to the bathroom outside before rewarding them, and possibly have to let them shit on the floor a dozen times before that happens.

As is demonstrated by some of the more masterful dog trainers, we can employ dominance without punishment; we can employ justice without revenge.

In the context of Hive this would involve a reputation system that rewards users with for good behavior rather than nullifying their rewards for bad acting.

Again, the obvious setback to this strategy is that this system of positive reinforcement doesn't even exist. It would take a lot of ingenuity innovation to create such a thing. I've spoken a bit about a system I would like to implement, but again the work involved puts a lot on my plate. Baby steps.

Back to reality

In case you missed it:


Yep, Microsoft literally created a cryptocurrency patent labeled:

World Order 2020 666

What the fuck is wrong with them?
It even fits the bill, as people would clearly interpret this as the Mark Of The Beast.
The fuck are they thinking?
So bad.


Positive reinforcement systems are far more effective than their negative counterparts, but the establishment continues to double down on negative reinforcement over and over again. Why is that?

Is it because they don't know any other way? Is it because they are frustrated and impatient and want immediate results? Is it because they've been engulfed in an evil system (actually neutral) that promotes profits above all else? Perhaps it's a little of everything.

As we forge our way into the great unknown we must correct the mistakes of the past. History is doomed to repeat itself if we refuse to learn its lessons. Positive and negative reinforcement both have their merits and setbacks, but it should be obvious which side of the coin we put the most focus on.

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