What You Should Know About Cyber Polygon

We have warned about what is coming many times - along with many others - but we are headed toward the trap of the millennium. The WEF and Cyber Polygon are joining efforts to make the world more secure than ever under the guise to fight ransomware. Well, hackers are everywhere nowadays, we are told, hence the need to inject the internet with digital antibodies to protect... the elites from those exposing them.

Here is how Cyber Polygon defines its strategies on his own website:

[... developing] an international capacity-building initiative aimed at raising the global cyber resilience. Cyber Polygon is an annual online event which connects various global organisations to train their competencies, exchange best practices and bring tangible results to the world community.

Feel free to screen the whole conference (video above), which is almost 6 hours long though. We didn't watch it all to be honest but "artificial intelligence" is the lead character of the storyline. In the meantime, Schwab's wording announces the rise of a worldwide digital corporate rule and the MSM does not contradict such plans. We all knew that "nations" had ceased to exist several decades ago but Schwab officialized our dire situation.

We also believe that cybersecurity combined with "quantum computing" is not in favor of independent cryptocurrencies (see sociable link below), central banks' cryptos are part of the agenda. We see this occurring around 2025 though. Finance is ultimately linked to the "power game" and there is no way to beat them at their own game because something in them isn't human. The planet is being conquered by an intelligence resorting to an alienating logic.

After a quick search, we discovered that Polygon and the WEF have conducted three training exercises this year. The latest one being two weeks or so ago. In our view, there will be an internet shut down within the next six to nine months. No matter how prepared we think that we are, we'll have to face it. As if it wasn't enough, we caught a headline reading that DARPA engineers want planes that can see through everything.

Society teaches the notion of a necessary evil while failing to prioritize the ethics of sovereignty. As a result, people watch corporations destroy the world, feeling powerless... it is our societal topdown inducing servitude that must change. How can people come together if society is compartmentalized and that in each department, people are herded to make sure that what is considered off-topic is being censored? Only coming together will lead to a different outcome. And they know it, that is why they overuse sentences such as "coming together, we are in this together, we can fight this together, etc", hoping to create a new level of divide and conquer while telling us how we can end our ordeal practically overnight. We've to unite against them!

Of course, we all dream about a happy ending but we'll need to deserve it more than ever. So what are we going to do about it now?

Cyber Polygon furthers great reset agenda of centralized power & surveillance (JUL 2021)

In his welcoming remarks at Cyber Polygon 2021, WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab warned that a lack of cybersecurity had become “a clear and immediate danger to our society worldwide.” Highlighting the recent ransomware attacks on critical infrastructures, Schwab likened cybersecurity to the coronavirus crisis in that both require immunization.

According to Schwab: “We have to protect ourselves not only against the virus, we also have to develop the ability to withstand a virus attack. “In other words, masks are not sufficient. We need vaccines to immunize ourselves.

But Schwab’s notion of digital immunity is nothing new.
“A war on cybercrime could easily become a war on Internet freedom” — World Economic Forum, 2012
In fact, the WEF has been talking about developing digital immune systems for the internet for a decade.
Immunizing the internet with digital antibodies, according to Schwab’s latest speech, requires public-private collaborations. Where governments are limited in their knowledge and power, corporations can sweep in to fill the void.

segment mentioned here above at 2:26 hours

FEMA, in coordination with the FCC, will conduct a nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) test on August 11, 2021 (on FEMA's website)

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