Trust 'The' Science ... WHAT Science?

You have surely noticed the two particular trends amid this ever-growing crisis. On one end, we have a blatant debate avoidance between people who disagree but will prioritize their jobs, household harmony, and friendship. The other category comprises those negating whatever scientific explanations exposing intellectual conformity and will quickly resort to the 'conspiracy theorist or antivaxx' tags to ridicule their opponents. There is a third trend which is more concerned about getting the word out.

The mainstream media did a terrific job here but to beat this cabal at its own game, a change in mindset is key to free ourselves. We'll also have to embrace healthy skepticism no matter how strong we feel about issues because that's the only way for Knowledge to ever evolve and reveal more important pieces of the puzzle.

The more we ascertain the more we prevent new data from getting in. As a matter of fact, and although there are many genuine inquiries within the alternative movement, the latter often deliver correct answers at the very moment of the inquiry only but which are bound to change eventually. There could be a mass awakening causing the abortion of the Great Reset, and all speculations made so far could fall short. What if?

And it's easily explainable: our material world is ruled by the Polarity Principle, we can only find the truth by trying to overcome failures or inaccuracies, but since Knowledge is rationally speaking exponential and thus infinite, it is simply impossible for us to become omniscient. What is held as a truth today will very likely turn out to be a half-truth sometime in the future.

In the previous blog, we mentioned the toxicity of oxalates and why we have to become more aware of our food intake and the lies of the market. Our intuition though also tells us that the research on fungi could very likely help us detoxify our bodies from anything that threatens our health. We barely know anything right now and the little we know is already shaking biology in a big way. Science is nowhere near any straight answers since the interactions of fungi with other organisms are even more complex than those of the microbiome. Hundreds of years of scientific assertions are going to be flushed down the toilet bowl.

Remember Nikola Tesla who said that the day science will study non-physical phenomena it will progress in 10 years more than in all the previous centuries of existence. That all is vibration (energy) is been tagged as pseudoscience for centuries. The Principle Of Vibration is the third Natural Law and was known by the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and the Vedas in India. Finally at Standford University, the department of medicine, scientists praise innovations to harness noise and acoustics for healing.

Where will our knowledge be in a generation from now? Trust "the" science... but what science exactly?

The word "expert" does not mean much anymore either. And never did but "they" successfully fragmented global affairs to the point that having any serious intellectual debates is today a herculean task. We are witnessing a war waged by powerful lobbies and their so-called experts calling "fake or pseudoscience" any data not approved by the medical-political complex.

One thing is certain: when we see a specific consensus that is so drastically implemented we can rest assured that data has been manipulated. One thing that never changes though is the very nature of power. It is impossible to be sovereign and governed at the same time. The advantage of adopting a more skeptical attitude (toward just everything) should slow down the pace of knowledge for the greater good because it'll increase scrutiny and transparency, without which we cannot survive as a species. Concealment is the root cause of all crimes.

But back to our previous thought. As we see it, a healthy dose of skepticism is what will help resolve our word challenges and forever exterminate any "expert classes" instead of fighting for "trust the science", simply because science is never settled.

There are only a few eternal truths and they come from the teaching of Natural Laws. Terrence McKenna elaborates on such perspectives in his lecture titled The Nature of Nature and available on Youtube. Natural Laws rather teach us how to find our way in this 3D reality and avoid getting lost in the maze. For peace and prosperity to unfold in the best conditions possible, we need to open our hearts and willing to listen to each other.

This "trust the science" motto is the latest hoax in town and the result of various echo chambers. We also need to resort to the methodology of the Trivium, which ancient Mystery Schools taught their initiates.

What is called esotericism has to become exoteric to end all illusions.

We shouldn't feel safe when being in the know at the expense of others because Objective Truth stands against all top-down structures. As a species capable of choosing the path toward enlightenment, we represent the pinnacle of creation and Natural Laws will prevent us from taking advantage of our position, which is basically why we depend on so many other layers of Consciousness composing the homeostasis of our incredibly beautiful planet.

(to be continued)

How do you know what you know? That question is a lot more important than most people assume, and the recent ridiculous spectacle surrounding Covid-19 is a shining example of that.

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