Psychogenic Triggers And The Killing Of The Mind

We love the Academy of Ideas and After Skool, both of which are managed by the same content creators. Here again, we are going to add our two cents because, at some point, societal paradoxes will have to be probed at the very deepest levels if we ever wish to survive what is coming.

There aren't many ways to explain our current state of affairs. The unconscious dictates the conscious and until the unconscious is made conscious, we won't get out of the maze. It is about time to shift our worldviews and generate the necessary awareness to accept that fear impedes the exploration of our potential. By the way, two years ago, we made a video clip revealing that 97% are born creative geniuses in terms of problem-solving. You can find this material on our BitChute Channel. And this implies that in a coercion-free environment, genius would be the norm!

Our take is that many are still unconsciously afraid to discover how powerful they actually are and the "ruling entities" have grasped this metaphysical aspect since the dawn of times. As a result, the cultivation of fear has been their favorite tool to prevent people's awakening. This has allowed tragedies upon tragedies to repeat. This pattern runs so deep that even people between themselves often choose to resort to the use of trauma to address conflicts.

Without traumas, conditioning and conformity are impossible to achieve.

The biggest trauma of all is without a doubt, the fear of abandonment and therefore rejection, which originates from the moment of birth when leaving the womb. The act of giving life comes along with the act of giving death. The fear of being separated from their parents -- or the rest of society -- is what prompts people to adopt herd behaviors and easily sacrifice their freedoms if necessary, to appease the inner threat.

It is the fear of irrelevancy - and ultimately death - that drives all human suffering!

Once the nature of the trauma is identified, it should be easier to remedy any dark tendencies of crowds -- at the condition to redesign our education system of course. Gustave Le Bon and Edward Bernays, for example, perfectly understood the cognitive aspects of our situation but being part of the elite circles themselves, they simply made sure to bury such explanations. Instead, they pretended to lament about people's delusion begging to be ruled while in fact they were fascinated by the need for societal docility, and their own urge to exploit it, literally to death. Their theories became elaborated social blueprints.


The quote above is really enlightening. Mandatory masking will have especially devastating consequences for our children. A whole generation is being destroyed in front of our very eyes. Dogmatic religions inducing whatever threat of damnation also share some blame, let's not fool ourselves here. While all forms of spirituality are created to make sense of the fear of separation, dogmatic religious fervor relies on that very trauma too to be anchored deep into the psyches. But teaching children that humans themselves have become the greatest menace of all is obviously the last nail into the coffin so to speak. What we are witnessing is indeed a new massive witch hunt.

The overall need for security is induced by various traumas, some more subtle than others. Cognitive co-dependence also evidences this. The fear of scarcity, for example, has been engineered by the boom and bust cycles themselves fueled by bank loans. By now, most of us know that economic downturns are rather orchestrated but without them, there are no booms. So if we could terminate such a vicious circle, the economy would show a flat line, and social classes would disappear.

Isn't it time to mature up?

The wise Jiddu Krishnamurti also warned us about the quest for security. Just in case you missed it, see our blog Trust The Science... What Science? which also explains the scientific-political complex that is about to engulf us all. More than ever, it is time to move beyond our fear of separation and explore the "mode of being" instead of the "having mode" and which is leading the world astray.

It is time to realize that it is the fear to unlock our potential that makes us fearful about the future. The global elites merely mirror this. Without this mirror effect, they are nothing but an illusion. They exist to teach us that the hard way but we can terminate that mascarade very quickly. We can do this!

“The masses have never thirsted after truth. They turn aside from evidence that is not to their taste, preferring to deify error, if error seduces them. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim. An individual in a crowd is a grain of sand amid other grains of sand, which the wind stirs up at will.”― Gustave Le Bon (book available on

(aug 2021)

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