Only An Act Of Lunacy Could Alter The Course Of Humanity

The economists and various experts that got us in this quagmire are at it again. And the most horrifying thing here is that they could really reinflate the giga world bubble. Or at least pretending to do so since money is only digits on a screen. Just in case you didn't know it yet, according to, the printing costs of 1 dollar bill costs are about 5 cents, and the 100 dollars note a little bit over 12 cents.

Although this horror scenario is worth keeping in the back of our minds, the 2nd article below with the UN report is for sure very revealing about the inefficiency of the UN itself and the illusion that is money.

We already wrote about the fact that corporations are the real black holes on this planet and that speculation does nothing but fuels artificial demand. So based on that report, Wallstreet listed businesses made no profit whatsoever when factoring the cost of environmental destruction (which they caused), we also start seeing the absolute irrationality that would represent $100 trillion thrown at the same culprits!

We really live in a Dystopian fantasy world that is going to eventually gobble us all up. This is insane. But let's compare this with a possible bold move that we'd initiate before the end of the year.

Are You ready to listen?

Today we’re going to suggest something bold: maybe do we have to work the other way round and envisage “a global advertising blitz” that could get us real humanitarian $upporters to flock in organically (as opposed to investors expecting returns)… and which will help topple financial hierarchy for good.

We are running out of time… and the timing is right!

We do not really need money to build new self-sustainable small towns but getting together to finance **the advertising blitz of the millennium**, so that the whole planet would suddenly become aware of the alternative… it all starts with the “mind”.

Why a Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality (2005, nature magazine) — Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental, & Spiritual ( 2014 Collective Evolution)

We'd gladly join or start such a committee with serious individuals…. how many of you would donate 50 dollars towards such a project? We know we would.

The world is absolutely mad and only an act of lunacy could alter the course of humanity forever.

Yes, folks, let's think about it!

Green energy could drive Covid-19 recovery with $100tn boost 20 Apr 2020 THE GUARDIANUK | EDSpeeding up investment could deliver huge gains to global GDP by 2050 while tackling climate emergency, says report. Investing in renewable energy would deliver global GDP gains of $98tn above a business-as-usual scenario by 2050 by returning between $3 and $8 on every dollar invested. It would also quadruple the number of jobs in the sector to 42m over the next 30 years, and measurably improve global health and welfare scores, according to the report. The call for a green economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis comes after a warning from Dr Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency, that government policies must be put in place to avoid an investment hiatus in the energy transition. “We should not allow today’s crisis to compromise the clean energy transition,” he said. “We have an important window of opportunity.”

(2015) EXPOSING THE TRUTH | New UN report finds almost no industry profitable if environmental costs were included. A new report by Trucost on behalf of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) program sponsored by United Nations Environmental Program, examined the money earned by the biggest industries on this planet, and then contrasted them with 100 different types of environmental costs. To make this easier, they turned these 100 categories into 6: water use, land use, greenhouse gas emissions, waste pollution, land pollution, and water pollution. The report found that when you took the externalized costs into effect, essentially NONE of the industries was actually making a profit. The huge profit margins being made by the world’s most profitable industries (oil, meat, tobacco, mining, electronics) is being paid for against the future: we are trading long term sustainability for the benefit of shareholders. Sometimes the environmental costs vastly outweighed revenue, meaning that these industries would be constantly losing money had they actually been paying for the ecological damage and strain they were causing.

(04/04/2020 ALTERNET) Turns out letting ‘efficient’ monopolies control our food supply was a terrible idea. But in a seeming paradox, farmers are destroying their products—including many of the same goods that stores lack. Dairy Farmers of America, the country’s biggest dairy co-op, has called many of its members and instructed them to dump their milk. The cooperative has estimated that farmers are now dumping up to 3.7 million gallons of milk per day. Sanderson Farms, a chicken processor, smashes 750,000 eggs each week. Farmers have been plowing their produce into the ground. Dairy Farmers of America, for example, now controls 30 percent of all raw milk in the United States. (I wrote about consolidation in the dairy industry for the Monthly here). In the meat industry, roughly 50 factories process 98 percent of the nation’s beef. The same holds for pork: Following industry consolidation in the late 1980s and 1990s, the portion of U.S. hogs slaughtered in massive, million-head capacity plants rose from 38 percent to 88 percent in just two decades.

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