Meet The Puppet Masters Portfolios... It Is All TOO Clear Now!

It is the Ice Age Farmer who raised our attention to the fact the Wallstreet is literally owned by The Vanguard Group Inc and Blackrock Inc a few months ago. When you go to Vanguard's website, they are very candid about it and the link below tells us about their holdings and lists 160 companies. It is only when you search for the top investors for each of them that you become aware that both are top institutional shareholders.

Intriguingly, we also noticed that Blackrock's top holder is The Vanguard Group which only offers investment services. But by being a major holder, along with BlackRock, both are of course dictating corporate policies and closely collaborating with the firms they have vested interest in. It is all about "returns". We can only imagine a small fraction of all the ongoing shenanigans possible here. This level of control cannot do anything good for humanity.

It's very astute because all this is the direct result of "business as usual" and "free association". Unless caught conspiring (after the facts of course), their actions appear completely legal on the surface. That is why transparency is way more important than the"free association" mantra we are plagued with. Transparency would terminate all speculation. But meanwhile, they have enough influence to escape justice since Wallstreet is their favorite playground.

So we happened to wonder how much of the crypto world does care about "them".

And that is where we got the beginning of an answer as Vanguard Europe sees Bitcoin value going back to zero at some point. Joe Davis, PhD, the principal and Vanguard's chief economist, is completely bearish! See the link at the bottom page. Vanguard Group chairman F. William McNabb calls crypto speculation an ‘idiosyncratic risk’.

Sorry folks, we see this as a huge warning and we hope that most of you will get out at the right moment. The Business Insider article contends that Vanguard is the second-largest exchange-traded funds (ETFs), but "absent" in the cryptocurrency space. So we made a quick search and although it turns out to be true, Bankrate recommends it as a top investment in 2021.

As a matter of fact, BlackRock Inc is by far the world's largest asset manager behemoth, handling over $10 trillion in assets as of October 2021, we just read on WIKI. And Yahoo wrote a few weeks ago that it has acquired close to $400M in cryptocurrencies, which is really a gimmick. BlackRock's Fink recognizes the power of cryptocurrencies, though claims that his institutional clients look the other way -- very likely waiting for central banks' own blockchain-cryptos we'd add here. BlackRock shareholders surely pay very close attention to every comment coming from Vanguard's bigwigs. That goes both ways we should assume.

That will be it for today and unless you already are familiar with the video below, it is an absolute must-watch that will make you realize how far these two Titans control everything,

It is all too clear now!

The Puppet Masters Portfolios (35mins)

Vanguard Holdings

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Vanguard's chairman says cryptocurrencies pose an ‘idiosyncratic risk’
"The cryptocurrency trading that’s going on right now actually worries me a little bit," he said from China. "I think there’s a lot of leverage, I think there’s a lot of speculation. If something seems to be too good to be true, it probably is."

BlackRock's Fink says cryptocurrencies may become a great asset class- but his institutional clients aren't interested in it (April 2021)

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