It Cannot Be Stopped

The loss of freedoms and sovereignty is systematically associated with either a fallacy, a lie or collusion, and often three altogether. Nothing justifies lockdowns when 82% get only mild to no symptoms and 99% of fatalities are people with serious preexisting conditions.

But now, and regardless of where you think the problem lies, we are about to be faced with the illusions we never really dared face because we still could muddle through individually. What is coming, and we do not mince our words, apocalyptic.

Since deliveries are disrupted or canceled, US dairy farmers have started to dump their milk production while others warn that it is going to kill fish, and the latter are right. In 2016 43 million gallons worth of milk were already dumped because there was a huge surplus which for sure never went away.

An example like this really speaks against profit-seeking or overproducing due to the need to remain competitive. And this is not only in the US but also in EU and the UK, where 10s of thousands of gallons have been wasted so far.

US coronavirus: Scientists say coronavirus won't end with warmer weather while US plans for life under a new normal

And there is no sign of a slowdown in sight because the so-called experts now claim that lockdowns cannot be ended without mandatory vaccination. Even Bill Gates recommends another 10-week lockdown extension. That this extension is being implemented or not, it does not really matter. The difference only lies in the time frame it'd take to reach the same aftermaths.

Eventually, farmers have to think of getting rid of their cattle and will slaughter most of their cows. Millions/billions of cows and other animals worldwide are going to follow the same fate. due swine flu. But now that consumption is about to plunge and with the rising anti-farm factory trends, what are we going to do with the livestock? (video just here). (video just here)

While we definitely agree that factory farming has to be shut down and for good, it is not the kind of ending we ever envisaged. Most of them will stay corralled in slaughterhouses for WEEKS before being put down - or just dumped into a mass grave and buried alive as shown in the video. But another horror comes into the picture as many slaughterhouses are closed due to covid19, such a scenario sounds pretty hellish.

Crop farmers are too under threat because there are 110K restaurants across America that will be shut down for good before the end of the month. And if farmers go broke, they cannot ensure deliveries to any recipient, supermarkets included. So we have to ready ourselves for massive food shortages. This is just getting worse.

The goal is to eliminate all competition so that only a few companies will remain in charge to feed the masses. And the key producers are those which have heavily invested in any type of "fake vegan foods" and "lab meat" already, such as Tyson Inc. Those will be the winners of the Hunger Game Society we are about to be rushed into.

As if it wasn't enough, the so-called deadly covid19 is preventing Africans' efforts from addressing a locust plague raging in several countries. This is another nightmarish plot: while here we throw out food massively, in that part of Africa famine will most likely unfold by the end of the year.

We cannot stress enough that we must do something at our own level to derail this nefarious global governance. We cannot stop the economic destruction from happening but let's get prepared to rebuild our communities from scratch - and without money.


Great, Now All That Dumped Milk Could Kill Fish (April 2020)
“Milk contains higher concentrations of nutrients than manure and has high biochemical oxygen demand which can cause detrimental impact to surface water including fish kills,” they said in a memo.

The Coronavirus Outbreak is Making Dairy Farmers Dump Milk, Even as Food Demand Skyrockets
According to experts, the biggest hit has come from the closure of schools, restaurants and food service outlets, which are big consumers of milk and other related products like butter or cheese. This left dairy processors, the link between the farm and the consumer, with a big problem. Processors take milk and manufacture it into consumer ready products or use it as an ingredient for other products.

Lockdowns can't end until Covid-19 vaccine found, study says

Crops rotting in fields. Dairy farmers incentivized to quit for good. Beef/pork processors shutting down. All by design. Spread the word and make sure everyone starts growing food, no matter how small scale -- every bit helps.

Desert Locust Outbreak at Crisis Point, Industry Body Says April 8, 2020
More than 25 million hectares (61.8 million acres) of farmland are affected in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia -- the three countries hardest hit by the voracious insects -- Gro Intelligence said in an emailed report. “Approximately 18 million hectares, or 84% of crop-land in Ethiopia, is now affected by locusts,” while in Kenya and Somalia, 33% and 85% of crops are at risk, it said.

Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation (FEB 2020)

Over the past decade, the world’s richest man has become the World Health Organization’s second biggest donor, second only to the United States and just above the United Kingdom. This largesse gives him outsized influence over its agenda, one that could grow as the U.S. and the U.K. threaten to cut funding if the agency doesn’t make a better investment case.

Gates Foundation is spearheading the neoliberal plunder of African agriculture (2016)

CNN 6 hrs ago With health experts warning that warmer months won't bring an end to coronavirus, officials are developing a framework for what America's new normal could look like.



Emergency Tribunal Hearing: Corona Pandemic and the Planetary Shutdown

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