Ever Heard Of THIS Silent Killer Responsible For 1 In 5 Deaths?

But the crisis was allowed to grow unchecked during all these years. Why? Our healthcare system loves sick people.

Don't believe the WHO saying that middle and low-income countries are more affected, in the USA it kills 200k people yearly. What we should ask ourselves: where does this bacterial resistance, if true, come from in the first place? Of course, the WEF talks of vaccination already. Even though we're dealing with man-made causes again, we believe the "sepsis crisis" to be real because it has gotten so little media attention, and still does, compared to the covid19 fear porn.

Sepsis, which kills over 200,000 patients and costs over $20 billion in the United States alone, presents a constant but preventable challenge in the healthcare system. (nih.gov)

Sepsis starts with a sore throat (streptococcus) and it takes many weeks before being diagnosed. According to what we read, sepsis is diagnosed when it is already too late because of its so many symptoms, in the meantime, sick people have taken the wrong drugs for weeks. So we have a disease whose death rate is MUCH higher than covid and which comes from pathogens (or toxins according to the Terrain Theory) but the sepsis epidemic has never made the news so far consistently.

We are not doctors but since the "contamination" of the food and water supplies (and the air we breathe) make no doubt, that is where real science should launch its investigation. Then experts should also question whether bacterial resistance might be generated by particular prescription drugs.

This highlights the failure of the germ theory.

Instead of fretting about covid we should stand up and demand a REAL scientific investigation into the matter. With millions of cases, it is just unthinkable that science still is absolutely clueless about the origins but knows everything about a coronavirus whose fatality rate is less than 0. 3% when taking into account that 95% of victims had chronic diseases and various vitamin deficiencies linked to corporate diets.

One more reason that we should question the consensus.

Considering the so many ramifications and compounding factors at stake but not "officially" known yet, we'd strongly suggest that you get rid of all your load of toxins and start a 3 to 5 day fast as soon as possible! We are not kidding. Then after that follow intermittent fasting strictly. We wrote about it in our blog titled "Reclaim Control Of Your Body While Starving Pharma!"

There are plenty of videos on YT that will answer any questions you may have. That will optimize your natural resistance to toxins deliberated planted in our environment. The medical tyranny we live in has understood the great insight of the Terrain Theory. Let's make the latter our weapon of choice and clean up our own tank!

It is time to let go of this gullibility era asap and reclaim our health!

WHO calls for global action on sepsis - cause of 1 in 5 deaths worldwide (2020)

Sepsis kills one person every THREE SECONDS around the world according to an alarming new study

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