This post is about the Corona Virus (Covid 19) pandemic and the enlightening way in which the Potus Donald J Trump is masterfully dealing with it (hidden enemy).

The most valuable commodity is “Time”, time or timing is everything? and what we the red-pilled audience have been witnessing over the last few years since Trump has taken office is God speed timing in terms of taking down this hidden enemy which we know is far more than a laboratory-created virus.

There is so much information out there that reinforces the notion that this hidden enemy is certainly being taken down and without going into the multi-layered asymmetric warfare that is being used to roll back their abhorrent agenda, I must say in the case of this particular layer i.e. the coronavirus (Covid19) - Donald J Trump and the patriots have brilliantly turned this weaponized crisis against those for where it came.

If you know anything about the global multibillion-dollar vaccine industry, you will know that the people who control this area of medical science are indeed the servants of this hidden enemy and have laid a wake of destruction over the years by poisoning men women and children with their toxic concoctions, and the deeper you research this subject matter, like the Vaccination schedules, the injuries, the fatalities, the ingredients used, etc. the more horrified you will become with how evil and corrupt these particular people are.

The video below is over 9 hours long, please listen at about 7:45:00 mark to hear (Stanley Plotkin) the creator of all the worlds vaccines admit to putting harvested baby parts and fetal tissue in vaccines.

Here is a fact about (CV) Covid 19 and I welcome you to research it, in the (UK) the NHS has classified anyone who has had the flu vaccine this winter as High Risk, alongside cancer patients and people with underlying issues are recommended to self-isolate(quarantine) for 12 weeks.

In the UK, Europe and much of the developed world local doctors and surgeries usually target over 65s for the Flu jab and not surprisingly the vast majority of these retirees end up getting the shot believing that the local health authorities care about their wellbeing when in actuality, it is the complete opposite and reveals the horrific Fact that anyone who had the flu shot was given a potential death sentence under this global CV pandemic – who will win the argument as to whether vaccines are good or bad?

Thankfully in one fell swoop, Trump has thrown the whole Vaccine industry into the bin for the time being and as for the likes of Bill Gates and other proponents of vaccines, I now cannot see them getting a sniff with their snake oil vaccines in regards to the coronavirus (CV), especially after Potus Trump publicly stated he will not allow the cure to be worse than the disease, you see what Trump is telling us all is that he knows all about the shit that are put in vaccines and the damage that they do as well as the warped corrupted science behind it.

Trump has effectively taken vaccines off the table and Chloroquine is what will be used, and why this is so significant and important is because this hidden enemy had already planned to roll out these toxic vaccines to compound this (CV) pandemic, not anymore.

The tables have now turned and all those who have been pushing vaccines will have a lot to answer for #Greatawakening.

Having personally spent time in West Africa, I have quite a bit of experience in dealing with various virus/pathogens and have extensive knowledge of the various drugs available especially antimalarial drugs, so I know all about Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine, but before I get into this medication, here are some facts about Malaria, annually it affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide killing over 500,000 with a majority of those being young children, so as far as numbers go Malaria is a much more serious pandemic than this(CV) Covid 19 but why the fake mainstream media doesn’t report on the figures of this very real worldwide pandemic is because it happens in poor developing nations, besides this is part of the hidden enemies depopulation agenda.

Chloroquine is derivative of quinine which has been used for hundreds of years to combat malaria, it’s not perfect but it does work and has been tried and tested so I have no doubt that it will deal with (CV) Covid-19 at God speed.

Interestingly this had me thinking of an activated compound called Chlorine Dioxide which I know from experience is much stronger than Chloroquine when comes to eliminating Malaria and other viruses/pathogens, this activated compound Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) was brought to my attention about ten years ago by a white hat by the name of Jim Humble who rediscovered its miraculous properties and devised a remarkable way of creating it by mixing a certain amount of Sodium Chlorite and Citric acid to create a Chlorine dioxide solution he coined (MMS) Master Mineral Solution, ironically the same hidden enemy tried to go after him with slurs and disinformation, this is where I must come to his defense.

First Chlorine (CI) is an element and Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) is a compound, if you know anything about chemistry the two are radically different, Chlorine (CI) destroys pathogens/viruses via chlorination which produces harmful by-products called Trihalomethanes (THMs) and Bromates which are carcinogenic, however, Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) destroys pathogens/viruses via oxidation and does not combine with organic compounds to form potentially carcinogenic by-products such as the aforementioned Trihalomethane and other chlorinated organic compounds and although Chlorine Dioxide has the word Chlorine in its name, they have completely different chemical structures, the additional oxygen atom radically changes the molecule and creates completely different chemical behaviors and by-products, so if ever you hear anyone call MMS/CDS(CIO2) industrial bleach please know that their ignorance makes them a subject of the hidden enemy.

From where I’m sitting with my popcorn this Corona Virus Covid 19 pandemic is not only being used as cover to eliminate this hidden enemy, it is being used to roll out a new financial system and I suspect we will see some type of Gold standard in the near future –


National Economic Security and Recovery Act

Below is a link to a free PDF with information on NESARA AND GESARA


Live Long and Prosper

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