How The UK is Handling Covid-19 - Hybrid Warfare & the 77th Brigade

So it appears the UK government is being directed by a military outfit who have declared war on it's people. On paper we are supposed to prevent this from happening by using a system called "separation of powers", whereas, anyone who works for the military can not hold a position connected to government policy(and visa-versa). This is much the same as what is supposed to take place when protecting politics from banking/business interests, but we all should know that there is a revolving door between these two offices.

Before we get bogged down in pointless observations of longstanding corruptions, let's get on with removing the clothes from this particular emperor and take a look at the nuts and bolts of his operation.

The 77th Brigade

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Set up in 2015, The 77th Brigade is an Army formation created under the Army 2020 concept and based at Denison Barracks in Hermitage, Berkshire. The 77th Brigade take their name from an Indian guerrilla warfare unit led by Orde Wingate who used unorthodox tactics against the Japanese in Burma in World War II.

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According to Wikipedia;

The Brigade uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook as well as psyop techniques to influence populations and behaviour. David Miller said that it is "involved in manipulation of the media including using fake online profiles".
During the UK government's daily coronavirus briefing, 22 April 2020, Nick Carter confirmed that 77th Brigade are working with the Home Office Rapid Response Unit "helping to quash rumours from misinformation, but also to counter disinformation”

This specialist brigade is made up of 1,500 civilian and military personnel, some of whom are classed as reservist. Journalist, Carl Miller, gained access to the brigade's HQ and in his report he noted how unusual this particular military unit seemed to be...

"It was the summer of 2017, and on this military base nestled among the hills of Berkshire, I was visiting a part of the British Army unlike any other. They call it the 77th Brigade. They are the troops fighting Britain’s information wars.
'If everybody is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking,' was written in foot-high letters across a whiteboard in one of the main atriums of the base. Over to one side, there was a suite full of large, electronic sketch pads and multi-screened desktops loaded with digital editing software. The men and women of the 77th knew how to set up cameras, record sound, edit videos. Plucked from across the military, they were proficient in graphic design, social media advertising, and data analytics. Some may have taken the army’s course in Defence Media Operations, and almost half were reservists from civvy street, with full time jobs in marketing or consumer research".

Recently, UKColumn has been following the progress of this unit and tracking it's movements during the Corona pandemic. They have also highlighted how the 77th brigade is structured and how it has embedded itself within today's government.

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The man in the bottom right of the picture you see above you(Rupert Burridge), came under close scrutiny in the most recent UKcolumn report. It was noted how Lieutenant Colonel Burridge seems to be the person who regulates the spying activity of 77 Brigade on the UK public and how, when challenged, has no problem resorting to scare tactics and intimidation.

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A senior officer at the Army’s secret psychological warfare unit has been ticked off after losing a dozen of his business cards in the street – and then using military police to pressure the veteran who raised the alert.

When Army Vet, Mr Usher, first contacted Lt Col Burridge to inform him of his misplaced items he denied all knowledge, claiming it to be a case of mistaken identity.

He relented only when the email address and phone numbers were read out to him but then angrily said he was ‘busy fixing Covid’ before abruptly ending the call. Mr Usher then received a number of mysterious phone calls from military police officers demanding to know who found the cards.
When Mr Usher asked for an official case reference number, they refused to provide one.
Given the shadowy nature of 77th Brigade’s work, Army chiefs are said to have expressed disappointment about how Lt Col Burridge handled the incident, not least because Mr Usher subsequently posted a three-minute video on Fill Your Boots detailing his experience. It has been watched more than 50,000 times

From Lt Col Burridge's reaction to being challenged personally, you could assume his conduct within the 77th brigade is somewhat similar. Bearing in mind the brigade is tasked with combating "misinformation" surrounding Covid-19, and that they work hand-in-hand with government policy, we must also assume that this means any dissent against draconian lockdowns, rushed vaccines and scientifically unproven social distancing measures will be treated with the same kind of response. Now, that most probably doesn't mean that should you post an anti-Bill Gates meme on your Facebook profile you'll automatically get a call from the military police, but it does mean that there is a high probability that you will be silenced by one of the operatives within his brigade.

Lt Colonel Burridge, like everyone else in the brigade, has his own particular skill-set, one that the army thought was useful in regards to their own agenda. So, let's take a look at Mr Burridge's CV and find out what he has to offer an army unit whose purpose it is to alter public opinion...

Mr Burridge, when not in his army uniform, would much prefer to be known as Dr Rupert Burridge. Educated at Oxford University, this professional academic earned his civilian stripes at London's school of economics and went on to become a Research consultant, writing on military security, women and 'global peace'. As you can see from the picture on the left, Dr Burridge used to work for The Centre for Women, Peace and Security, and maybe still does in one way or another. I say this because of the people whom Dr Burridge worked with during his time as a Conventions manager and in particular the values they held as a collective group.

In a recent UKcolumn report, they rightfully pointed out one of Dr Burridge's colleagues and links she had to groups involved with changing current systems of authority in a "post-pandemic framework". The good people at UKcolumn also discovered how Dr Elena Starrevska holds deep ties with Keough School of Global Affairs, an interesting group of people who have also taken it upon themselves to change society.
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Is it possible that Dr Burridge, who would have worked very closely with Dr Stavrevska and quite possibly holds the same values, has now been placed within the 77th brigade to incorporate this agenda using military might?
As many people are aware these days, we seem to be heading towards a centralised "Global Government" and this kind of experience and expertise could come in very handy for those who desperately need to change public opinions.

Just one cog in the machine.

Lt Col Burridge, however, is just one brick in this wall that surrounds the truth. There are many more just like him and they all have their own part to uphold. Even as a unit, the 77th brigade is itself a bit-part player belonging to a much larger system of management.

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As the picture above shows, the UK military has designated a vast proportion of its resources to what boils down to a network of spies who are all working against a common enemy, that being the general public.

"Hybrid warfare" is a 21st century solution to the problems faced when implementing a new world order. Looking at the illustration below, it appears that much of what concerns the "woke" community today is completely understandable...

This image has been taken from "A Framework for Hybrid Warfare: Threats, Challenges"
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More importantly than the individuals working for the 77th brigade and the 6th division, is the fact that the UK military are now involved with domestic affairs, actively attacking their own people and infiltrating the governance of the country in order to change society. In the long and distant past this situation would have set off alarm bells right through government, both national and local. The thought of the military working covertly against its own people and alongside a secretive government cabal might have had some of the more honourable politicians offering up comparisons to a communist Russian state being implemented. Sadly, we aren't hearing a whimper from anyone who has been voted into office. Instead, all we get from our government is fear mongering, lies and cover-ups.
In short, it appears our government has aligned itself with those who are most capable of securing a complete state of control and anyone challenging this agenda now put themselves within the crosshairs of the military.

We can only look back through history for examples of what this process brings about and we must also trust our instincts when it comes to being governed by those who choose to deceive and undermine the very people it claims to represent.

We are still willing participants in this game for global supremacy and although it may seem like we are powerless against such an omnipresent force we are not. We choose to vote in pointless elections and we choose to supply the military with cannon fodder. More importantly, we sometimes choose to remain silent and retreat to safer more accomodating quarters, places that are populated with like-minded people. Now is not the time to sit idle and hope things improve. Now is the time to poke our heads above the trench and use the truth(Which is always out there if we look for it) to convince those who are sleepwalking into eternal slavery.

It is up to us to understand our enemy and how best to approach them. We know that those directing the battle intend to divide us and have us argue amongst ourselves, that is one of the most basic tactics employed throughout the ages. Our oppressors will show strength where they are weak and visa versa. Do not be fooled or overwhelmed by their show of might, this is just an illusion. Their army, for the most part, is made up of unwitting slaves who, if they understood the truth, would put down the flags that blind their view. This is why they are trying to censor the truth with such haste. This is why they have employed The 6th division and The 77th brigade, but they all rely on one thing and that is our ignorance.

The truth is out there and the facts are undeniable. We just have to find the right way to present our case and not give in to this war of attrition.

Peace to you and yours


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