Who Imposed Sanctions on Who? Trump's Caesar Act against Syria

On the 17th of this month, the so-called Caesar Act came into effect after the US Congress passed it and the head of the US regime Trump signed it earlier - it's in deliberations since 2016.

Caesar Act more properly described as Trump's 'Maximum Pressure' tool of economic terrorism against the Syrian people, is a set of a sanctions regime that was designed to hinder any possibility for the Syrian people to reconstruct their country after more than 9 years of war by not only adding everybody in Syria to the list of the US treasury sanctions but also anybody or party or country thinking of doing any sort of business with Syria.

NATO is doomed with its top leaders an emperor wannabe US Trump and a sultan wannabe Turkish Erdogan

The act, as humane as it is [not], exempts specific healthcare items from its sanctions list but blocks Syria's attempts to acquire them by blocking any transactions through the US-controlled banking system, in other words: you're allowed to import much needed medical threads used in surgical operations but let us see how you'll do that when you can't do business with any foreign entity?

Unlike in other countries, including Iran, Cuba, and North Korea, there are no practical exemptions at all in this new economic terrorism act. The Syrian people should suffer because they didn't accept the US role model of democracy to be implemented by hundreds of thousands of foreign imported anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists. The US is imposing this suffocating blockade against the Syrian people, a war crime by all definitions, simply because it can, and it can because it controls the workflow of its currency, the US dollar, SWIFT - international banking transaction system, international maritime and mercantile insurance companies, and so on. The US goes to even extreme criminal lengths like ordering its British lapdogs who in turn ordered their protectorate the Gibraltar authorities to act as pirates of the Mediterranean and attempt to steal an Iranian oil tanker heading to Syria, the tanker was released when the British got their match by the Iranians.

Extreme sanctions have a short to medium lifespan, afterwards, it loses its effects as countries adapt to living under such sanctions and progress independently and by cooperating with like-minded independent states and countries already under sanctions. Syria is no exemption in this case, and the Syrian people are actually very much accustomed to US sanctions since 1956 of last century, and these sanctions only increase not for any interest of the USA or any of its people, it's merely to serve Israel's interests by weakening whoever poses a threat to its hegemonic evil expansion desire. Israel without the US's full support is nothing more than an eagle without claws and without a beak.

Caesar Act is named after a US operative said to be a Syrian worker who had access to tens of thousands of pictures of decaying bodies saved in Damascus Central Morgue archive, the Syrian capital's population counted more than 6 million inhabitants, he delivers these pictures to a Qatari financed agency based in London back in 2014 which in turn processes these photos and claim all of them are for prisoners tortured to death by the Syrian police in the Saydnaya Central Prison...! Decaying dead bodies don't look pretty and ignorant people will think from the first instance they were tortured to death, we've seen that before numerous times: The War of Terror on Syria Through Forensic Medicine – GRAPHIC

The Caesar Act was mainly written and was supposed to be used to scare Russia from assisting the Syrian armed forces in liberating the city of Aleppo, Syria's second city and its economic capital, from al-Qaeda terrorists, for some reason is was kept sleeping in the Congress drawers until late 2019 when it was slipped somehow in the NDAA bill and was approved by the Congress, for sure most of the US legislators who voted for the bill didn't read its thousands of pages before voting for it.

It's already the second day after the implementation of the US's last weapon against the Syrian people and whatever panic campaign waged by the western politicians, western mainstream media propagandists, and their regional stooges is already fading off, the Syrian economy is not dependant on the USA or any foreign, especially western country's economy, and the Syrian Lira is not pegged to the US dollar.

Furthermore, Syria's allies have vowed to support the country in the wake of implementing these final sanctions in the US arsenal, those are more capable allies than the entire camp led by the USA including the USA, these are countries with real economies and gold-backed currencies, countries like Russia, China, and Iran.

Instead of having a friendly approach toward the Syrian people, the US officials since 1956 decided to favor their anti-Semitic anti-Jewish anti-Christian anti-Islamic Zionist European and Russian settlers occupying Palestine and the Golan. Prioritizing the interests of those settlers over the interests of the US citizens and hindering any future cooperation with established countries and civilizations like Syria which saw throughout its history each empire rise and collapse, and those who do not learn from history are going to repeat its mistakes.

By imposing sanctions on the Syrian people, the regime of Donald Trump and its predecessors have ensured that no US corporation or corporations with links to the US economy will have any chance in doing any business in Syria. That might not sound much, but when you add also not doing normal business with Iran, Russia, and making it ever difficult to do business with China, and the list keeps on growing, the western corporations are having their opportunities diminish slowly and steadily. Countries targeted by the US sanctions, like the ones mentioned above and others (Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea...) will not sit idle waiting for the US to lift its sanctions, they're making leap advances in all sectors of life:


Needed advanced technologies now come from #China, advanced weapons now come from #Russia, advanced medicine comes from #Cuba, oil comes from #Iran, victory comes from #Syria and gifted to the whole world. It's a matter of weeks now.
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So who's imposing sanctions on who? Syrians can live without very costly western whatever they produce and export and can acquire much cheaper and better in quality and without any poisonous substances (GMOs...) from allied countries. The world is changing and guess who's facing more issues on their streets and having public debt more than their annual GDP and only getting worse?

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