Syria Warns the UN of Another White Helmets Staged Chemical Attack

Despite the deliberate denial by the western countries and their stooges of the high-level scandal at the OPCW exposed by its own top experts in regard to the false flag staged act and never happened chemical attack in Douma which the NATO members of the UN took as an excuse to bomb Syria, the UN continues to follow the same exact path.

Whenever the Syrian armed forces are carrying out a military operation to clean a city or town from NATO terrorists the terrorists led by the 'Oscar Awards Winners' White Helmets stage a 'chemical attack' and the western mainstream media manipulates the international public opinion to pressure the Syrian government and its allies to stop their military operation and save the terrorists, nothing new, it's just a repeated lie by the word from the same textbook that led to the invasion of Iraq, if you still remember.

The following report covers the latest letter the Syrian Government sent to the United Nation, except this time there will be no more ceasefire for the terrorists after all the revelations of the OPCW accomplice with Al-Qaeda: Syria Warns UN of Impending Fabricated Chemical Attack

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