Hungry US Citizens Waiting in Miles-long for Food


Seeing such a photo brings to mind countries that the US worked hard, exhausted its resources, consumed its taxpayers' money to spread 'democracy' in, not that 'democracy' was ever achieved in such countries.

The examples don't start with the former USSR or Yugoslavia, for instance, passing through every country in the Arab World (aka the Middle East), and not ending in the African continent or the 'US-backyard'. Countries that embraced the 'US life-style' and countries that wanted to maintain their sovereignty and thousands of years of traditions and cultures, all suffered.

What was the result? Shall I say 'You reap what you sow'? Karma at work? Well, not exactly yet, but if things continue at the same pace it will reach such level of violence, 'armed opposition' groups infighting and so on.

Do note that no other country is investing a single dollar in the current US situation, no creating of terror groups and flooding them with all sorts of weapons and logistical assistance dubbing them as 'freedom fighters', it's the money that the US officials themselves instead of investing them on planting proper normal GMO-free food to feed their own population and maybe entire other continents, to provide a state of the art healthcare for all its people, and maybe all its allies as well, to properly build its own infrastructure, and so on, instead they invested that in destroying every piece of livelihood in each country around the planet thinking they can subdue the rest without paying the cost at home.

Shall we gloat? Shall we feel satisfied that the US people are tasting just a tiny bit of what they inflicted on others? No, the difference between us and them is that we don't feel happy seeing other people suffer or getting harmed, we don't gloat when civilian airplanes crash, we don't celebrate when other people's lives are shattered, we are blessed with civilizations dating millenniums old, they are lucky for not having US embassies in Washington and that we are not evil as they are.

Your objective comments are always welcomed.

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