More Facebook censorship...

I wanted to share this video for someone who I consider to be a friend who was recently banned on Facebook for two months I think? For posting a meme.
I think he makes some really good points in his video and I think more attention needs to be brought to this subject.

As some of you might know I've also been censored quite a few times in the past, they've never responded to my questions or messages and often times don't even tell me what I did that was wrong.
And during times like these of emergency especially, cutting someone off from being able to communicate is... Not good in my opinion.
I agree it is a human rights issue, so, what right is more important? Freedom of speech? Or the ability for a corporation to control their platform?

Normally one might side with the corporation, BUT, because of the "monopolistic" aspects of Facebook, other questions and concerns arise.
Another thing also is especially when you consider that Facebook plans to roll out their own crypto currency soon, and, if people are banned then... How will that work?
Will they lose their money if they get completely banned? Or lose their ability to make more money if temp banned?
That's sort of what they did to Nick/urasoul, he does an internet business and them cutting him out is like hurting his ability to make a living.

This gets into weird territory when these groups control so much in the world and then deny access to individuals because of FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
There's so many assaults on freedom all over the world... If we don't stand up for our rights, the people in power will take as much as they can and they likely won't ever give it back unless we demand it.
That's where we are it looks like... The powerful elite around the world are using this virus scenario to take and control as much as they can and if the people don't resist it... It's not going to be good for love and freedom and humanity in general in my opinion...

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