A meme I wanted to share with a few words of my own.

(I don't own the rights to this image and I'm not sure if anyone does? It's a meme, though, just wanna put the disclaimer out there anyways)

I shared this meme years ago, however, I saw someone else share it the other day and thought that these words are more poignant than ever during my lifetime.

So many people are just in a frenzy of paranoia because of listening to mainstream media to the point that they are basically accusing people who believe in freedom or who question the official narrative of murder and saying they don't care about old or sick people.

The government has family and neighbors snitching on each other and fighting and I've read numerous stories about family or friends who have murdered each other because of social distancing disagreements. Divorce is way up, domestic abuse is way up, and on and on and on... It's just incredibly disturbing how much trust the average person has for the corrupt propaganda machines that don't care about them at all.

Yet, is it the regular people you should really be worried about? Or the governments which have murdered hundreds of millions of people in the previous century alone and probably millions already this century?

The people in power are pretty good at divide and conquer... They love it when you fight each other instead of them. -.-

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