Will American Workers be Forced to Work in Meat Plants by the Defense Production Act?


Workers in the meat industry at Tyson plants may be compelled to work at the unsafe plants by a Federal mandate, the Defense Production Act. The workers are being painted negatively in the media, and compelling them to work in a worksite deemed unsafe could set a dangerous precedent.

The Defense Production Act was made in 1950 during the Korean War, and allows the president to allocate resources to essential industries that are absolutely necessary for defense and infrastructure. The unsafe chicken plants do not meet this defintion.

President Trump is looking to invoke the Defense Production Act to ensure meat-production facilities remain open and are manned. The production facilities were closed due to COVID-19 illness and hazards to workers. Unions have been outspoken in their distaste for their move.

Workers should not be exposed to COVID-19 without the proper PPE.

Being forced to work in an unsafe workplace is a dangerous precedent. The Unions are being painted as irrational, but the right to a safe workplace that is not essential is irresponsible. This could be a major rights violation, and is setting us up for a loss of overall rights.

When the economy opens up again next month, will other industries be deemed essential that are not? Could workers be compelled to work there as well.

Watch a great video on this issue:


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