Women Scouts in Syria 1958


1958 Syrian Women Scouts - Where were the medieval states 'democratizing' us now namely Qatar & Saudi Arabia?
Don't miss the flags in their hands.

Instead of 'democratizing' their own allies, the US and its other western criminals decided to destroy the more advanced countries in the Levant and beyond under the guise of democratizing them.

By now, we wonder whether the western citizens realized the volume of the crimes they committed against our people and we wonder whether they'll repent ever, whether Coronavirus will serve as a reminder that nobody is 'immune', literally, and remember that there's Karma always waiting for you, if you insist on not believing in God.

The flag reference in the above picture is because the US thought the Syrian people would accept to adopt the flag that was used during the times of the French colonization of their country early last century.

Image source: New Syria FB page

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