Why There's No Serious War on Drugs?

I won't get into the discussion about the negative impact the illegal drugs have on the individuals and societies, even on the economies of nations, that's basic information, but why there's no seriousness in fighting the spread of drugs especially in advanced societies.

Whatever your idea about Cannabis and whatever similar, I'm talking about the real substances that kill people and destroy the societies and if you still don't know what I'm talking about please skip this post.

We all know that countries like Afghanistan have the highest production of drugs, similarly Colombia, and others, what's in common in these countries are the lawless state they're at, and both have and had heavy US military presence in them. Am I implying that the USA does not want to seriously fight drugs at its source? I'm not answering this question but I'm leaving you with this meme which should give you a hint:


Image source: New Syria FB page

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