Coronavirus and how WHO plans on making abduction legal

WHO's latest mind boggling idea to fight Coronavirus is to simply violate any family sovereignty and take out COVID-19 potentially infected people and isolate them so they won't infect others.

Imagine the chaos that will be produced all over the world if this plan of the so called World Health Organization will be enforced.

Don't know about you but I feel like this Corona madness has taken us too far and has stolen too many of our freedoms. It's a damn flu after all. People have died from flu before as well...

Hence it is quite clear that this virus was just a needed catalyst for what is a greater plan of global human enslavement. I know, conspiracy theories, but when you zoom out you'll find that there's too much force being used to protect our health.

How would you feel if any of your family memeber would be forced taken from you and isolated? Based on virus tests that got positive results for pawpaw fruits...

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