Doped out on Hopium: Paytriots Playing You Yet Again - Their Only Messiah Will Be a Liar

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Quick Post as I've noticed the SAME & URL being hyped as a new wikileaks dump. Qanon is the strongest hopium out there.

visual comparison of as at 24th April 2020 and the version archived onto on 11th April 2019

There could be a few new things uploaded here recently but I doubt it. Since the CIA Vault 7 drop back in 2017, the same URLs reappear in the alternative media e-celeb vlogosphere with a panty-piddling excitement - like it was finally the storm arriving. The hopium addicts start to get the shakes when the usually unshakable foundations for their Qanon belief system starts to weaken. So does their bladder - is it incontinence or is it the rush of hopium stimulating their neurons into overdrive?

The Derp State notice the pangs of hopium withdrawal of their taxable flock of sheep and spur into action, chuckling to themselves at how easily duped an addict is. I am Qonfused at the ridiculously short memory spans of Q's Army, guess that's hopium for you though.. turns your capacity for remembering into that of a Qoldfish. That old trick which gotchu last year will be trotted out by the smirking, chuckling ones next year. It's almost too good to be true that the same trick can infect the logic and common sense of so many people so Quick #WWG1WGOAOA (Where We Go One, We Go Over and Over Again.)

Boomers pop some Justice Cialis and Get Boomin: For God And Cuntry!

Via the vengeful, jailed double-crossing Julian Assange and his heavily compromised Wikileaks enterprise (which once received funding from George Soros), Justice will be served! Praise Drumpf, Praise Cheezus, Praise Taxes and Vaccines of Truth and Prayer!!!!

But on the face of it, the bullshit being spewed out by clueless Qoomers is pathetic and has to be derided. The image I used for this post's thumbnail comes from this utter idiot's video and comments on it. He is presenting it to his hopium addicted audience (some or all might be bots or AI-generated scripts I suppose) as Julian Assange's Deadman's Switch.

hooktube link

I contemplated linking this video through hooktube only or uploading it else to deprive the creator out of income made on blatant lies. But then I softened: perhaps any additional traffic and click per view income generated could go towards rehab at a clinic specialising in hopium addiction? And it's only fair that some pennies are paid from the huge amount of laughter this generated for me.

I took the liberty of making a simple table indexing into two columns: one column is the page as at today with all it's hyperlinks the other column is from an snapshot taken from April 2019. You can see some slight differences (2 new lines in the present version) and you never know, there may be more than that. I hope it helps redpill the hopium-addicted flock of sheep with the memory of a goldfish into trying to think critically for themselves instead of feasting upon vlogger e-celeb wannabee derp derp derp Quuuuuuuu Quuuuuu Derp lffffll flflllubhblbdrumpffff.

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