Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 19 Entry: 4 Stages of Life

This is my entry to the @apolymask contest on Teaching New, Cool, Unique, Things, Ideas, how to cook, how to do this, how to do that, how to live better, other how-to tutorial possibilities, and more. My entry is focused mostly on and upon finding meaning to life, found in the four stages of life, and it is all about hope over dope, joy over circumstances as I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, the Original Oatmeal, and as life can be scary and as we can have better life through a better understanding of who we are, and better yet in who we were, have been, that eternal foundation, that rock, in those principles, and in the potential, the destiny, of who we can become, of what we were born to do and be through Oatmeal, through meaning, purpose, joy, love, life, which is there for all of us to be part of no matter what we may or may not do, become, feel, talk about, know, and believe.

Four Steps & Secrets To Life

  1. Wait but Life Life
  2. Listen but Love Life
  3. Love but Love Love
  4. Fight but Live Love

Four Stages to Life

Understanding the stages and steps of life helps us understand ourselves better and it helps us understand which stages others may be in their lives which can then help us help them where they may be to get to higher stages.

Live Life

The first stage and step in life is life itself which begins at birth and we can do what we can to survive through education and employment. Life may also include encouragement, entertainment, and equipment. Like animals to some extent, us humans can monkey around and pig out and become night owls and eat like horses and stick together like packs of wolves. Add your animal puns in the comments below, haha, if you want.

Love Life

After living life, we can learn how to love life in finding contentment and joy over circumstances and meaning and purpose and maybe happiness. It may take some reflection. It takes some appreciation for life, for others, for ourselves, for love as well. How can we love life better? Let me know.

Love Love

The more we love life, the more we can love love, which means loving eternal principles of life which @Stefan.Molyneux can talk about. We can look more at the foundation to western civilization, to principles, timeless wisdom, purpose, in hope over dope. How can we love love better? Write a book about it. Make a video about it and share it here.

Live Love

As we love love, we live love through the conviction of love, of life, of truth, principles. The meaning of life is love and the meaning of love is life and is rooted in the sharing and caring of it all by nature and these four things, steps, stages, to life, was written originally by me, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, in 2007 at Camp Kuratli, or maybe before that as I was writing about L4OJ, Looking For Outrageous Joy, back in 2004, or maybe longer than that in some cases. Living love is all about paying it forward or as Yoda in Star Wars says, to pay it forward. How can we better live love for others?

Dear readers, I love writing, singing, drawing, filming, designing, creating, inventing, playing, living, loving, and I can always expand and explain more on what I write including upon the four stages of life as see in this post for example. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day. Below is my signature or you might call it spam. But the links and videos below are supplementary to some extent, directly, indirectly, to the stages of life, and to and for many things. Eat some oatmeal or be a potato. And I'm Oatmeal because I eat oatmeal, hehe.


Authored by @JoeyArnoldVN
Inspiration by the @apolymask contest


2004 and 2007: L4OJ: the four stages: 2018-03-19 Monday 10 AM PST: started writing this:

2018-03-19 Monday 02:02 PM LMS:
Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 19 Entry: Meaning To Life

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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