Billionnaires Run Their Empires On Loan Sharking

The affluent live in a private world made even cozier by asset-backed loans. We are not particularly fond of Russell Brand but have to admit that some of his videos are pretty insightful. Again this tells a lot about the nature of Wallstreet itself with most investors generally pouring their own savings into these securities-backed loans ensuring the incomes of companies' high-ranked managers.

Not only billionaires can avoid paying taxes but also default on their shark loans, should anything go bad. Trump's casino for example filed for bankruptcy two or three times if we remember well.

It is absolutely clear by now that the strict bottom line is that the purpose of monetarism is to engineer credit otherwise no boom can be made possible, and the upper class, well the top 0.1%, needs this pyramidal structure to remain in power. Ethically speaking, we have to reject the framework. There is no other way.

Ignorance causes irrationality but since society rather promotes conformity, the fear to step aside is what prevents the paradigm shift because most people expect an external solution. What is needed instead is the transformation of the individual. The radical change will occur when enough people (at least 60%) begin to come to terms with the conclusion that civilization is an organism.

It is not an economic issue but a philosophical one. If focusing long enough on the numbers reflecting the economic activity it is the only conclusion we'd all agree on. After all, we can only control the whole when we learn about self-control.

We are not in favor of any brutal change but a transition has become an urgent matter as it is also crystal clear that we have to "degrow" the economy. Overconsumption can no longer continue. All these debt schemes are ecologically highly destructive because there is a Natural Law regulating everybody's needs but which will not comply with greed.

The crypto world is obviously booming these days but make sure that you are going to use the profits to help people around you when things will go sour, because they will for sure, it only is a matter of time, and please start supporting "Degrowth" as a transition to disempower the "wolves in sheep clothing". It is our duty to make this boom the very last one in human history, it is a matter of surviving as a civilization.

Let's end our "work and spend" mantra and begin to ponder our presence on earth and what it means to be a human to ensure a deep and lasting societal revolution!

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