Eradicate TB by 2025, India

In a country like India, where Population is so high. Tuberculosis is like a curse, This is also because this disease spreads by air.

Only in India about 2,800,000 people diagnosed positive for this disease every year and 400,000 people die from this disease, Which means that every year 2400,000 people recover from this disease.

The recovery of so many people is possible due to the facility of free medicines being run by the government.

But we can see that even today many people are dying of this disease. One reason for this is that people are quite careless about the treatment of this disease. I have met some people who, by taking medicines for a few month, they start to Feel good and stop eating medicines without completing course.

India is considered as quite successful as compared other countries. Recently in the Union Health Ministry, along with the Ministry of Ayush, Defence and Railways signed an Mou, to strengthen its efforts towards a TB free India by 2025.

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