My Betterlife ! Wheat crop deteriorates due to rain and hail

Hello Dear Steemian...
Today I have a Beautiful day...

I woke up at 5 am today. After then i went to my kitchen for having a glass of water and then i was feeling refreshed and then i went to see the weather condition which was nice unlike yesterday, because yesterday it rained in our city. So i checked the weather and it was nice and blue and then i went for walking and then started walking. I went through very nice places.

Blue sky

When i was going, i saw the wheat crop standing in the fields has deteriorated. Here during the day when harvesting was done, suddenly there was rain and hail, which caused this. A man was standing in the field too. Then i came back home after some time and then i went to my room for rest and then i saw the tv and then i watched some youtube videos and after then i took the bath and have the breakfast and went to my office.

Wheat crop deteriorates due to rain and hail

Wheat crop deteriorates due to rain and hail

Then I reached the office. I greeted my colleagues. Today there were many news. Some positive and some negative. However, I only share news that I find well and new. So let's talk about the news. It was news that the Policeman came on the road to create a peaceful atmosphere, flag-marches were done in half a dozen villages in order to saw that people were following the Lockdown. Their aim to observe the weekend lockdown and creating a peaceful atmosphere for the elections. They also told that people should follow the covid Guidelines.



In the second news it was told that there was a sanitization program done in the cities in view of rising corona virus. Since the coronavirus was rising in the district, so the workers sanitized vehicles carrying fruits and vegetables including the cart, it was carried out by the fire brigade employees took advantage of the public lockdown to sanitize shops shutters and counters etc.

Sanitized Vehicles

Sanitized Vehicles


Then i came back home till 8 pm and then i washed my hands and then i sat down to ate the dinner with my family and with that i saw the movie and i saw some movie and then i went to my room for making a post for @hiveblog and after it was completed i watched the movie again and it ended and then i went to sleep.

सबको धन्यवाद


Have a good day.

I hope you like it.


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