"Expectation" - A Little Effort Through Poetry

Hello, Hive friends

I hope you all are well and healthy.

Stay in your homes and be safe, enjoy your life.


Let's revive the hopes today.....
Flowers of hope bloom in the lake of time.
What happened that there are more thorns in the way and less flowers....
Where are your spirits less than anyone?
This darkness full of disappointments will also go away.
A new dawn ignited with hopes will also be seen.
Today we do a havan of thoughts equipped with a cheerful body and a cheerful mind.
Re-create the positive energy of nature.
That is a different matter, our God is angry with us.....
Let's try to make him happy by accepting the mistake as his own.
We have decorated the mountains decorated with silver with litter boxes.
The clean and free water of rivers has been turned into a pool of chemicals and dirt.
Thousands of trees used to meet in the way, now made them a concrete palace.
The result of interfering in its power by playing with nature was this.
What did he blow a wind, he has shown the mirror to the human.
Let's still wake up.....

Walking with nature brings a new revolution.....
Let's rekindle the hopes today.....


Thanks to all

Enjoy the poetry

I hope you like it.

Have a good day.


(A small effort from my friend)

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