My visit to Haat Kalika, Gangolihat, Uttarakhand.

Greetings steemians!

Once again I packed my bag and started for a new destination. Thos time it was Haat Kalika temple, Gangolihat.


Gangolihat is a block in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. It is a Himalayan state of India.

Hat Kalika is a famous temple of Godess Kali. There are lots of stories related to the origin of this temple but, as usual, they are all fabricated to make people believe in religion.


However, as being a born tourist, I couldn't miss the chance to visit this place. Gangolihat is a small hilly town and the scenery of it is remarkable. Hat Kalika is just in the town. It is considered very scared and people come here from all over India for pilgrimage. Patal Bhuvaneshvar cave is just 12 kilometer away from here.

(Idol of the deity-Godess Kali)

The temple is surrounded by tall cedar trees and high hills and the location is quite attractive.

I took some photos which I had captured with my smartphone.



Gangolihat is about 1700 meter above height from the mean sea level and it is just 78 kilometer from Pithoragarh,the district headquarters and the nearest airport.

I hope you liked my photography.
Have a great day to all!

Thank you!

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