My journey to Queen of the Hillls- Mussoorie!

Greetings steemians!

On 3rd March this month, I completed two years on Steem. I joined steemit two years ago. It has been a satisfactory journey for me so far on this platform. I thank everyone who supported me!


I decided to visit some hill station on this day to celebrate my steemit anniversary. I went to Mussoorie which is in Dehradun district. It is above 1800 MTR from the mean sea level. It is well known as the Queen of the Hills.


It took me just one hour to reach there from Dehradun city. Though it took eight hours to reach Dehradun via bus from Delhi.


It was very cold there. I visited many places like Company Garden, Mall Road, Gunhill point etc. I enjoyed the visit of this historical city. Later I decided to stay there for a night.


I returned on next day. I was unfortunate as there was snowfall nearby Mussooorie hills when I had returned from there. I missed a very exciting natural phenomenon. I hope to see snowfall in the future.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Love you all!

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