Indian government provided relaxations to businesses despite of fear of spreading of corona- A analytical view.

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Once we were free to roam all around the world. Now, a tiny creature-a virus has forced us to stay away from our all activities. We have nuclear weapons but, they cannot do any harm to our little enemy. We have no cure for this pandemic.There was no alternative solution of the problem. So, we were forced to obey lockdown imposed by the government.

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Government of India imposed lockdown of 21st days from 26th March 2020 and later Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi announced extension of lockdown for further period which will stay till 3rd May 2020. Over 1.3 billion people are staying inside their homes. However, it has impacted badly a large section of migrant laborers,small and medium industry employees, daily wage earners, small business owners, service sector employees, delivery boys and people on transit just before the announcement of the lockdown.

(exodus of migrant laborers. Image from pixabay)

This sudden lockdown had forced a large section of the migrant laborers to set out on foot to reach their native places. Many had to travel even to 1500 kilometres on foot! This led many to die on roads and also caused a great disturbance in the country. It also diluted the purpose of lockdown. Many people were brutally beaten up by police for violating lockdown. Many homeless and poor people are starving as no add could reach to them. Also, government cannot extend lockdown for indefinite period as it will crash the already sick economy of the country. Steem rise in unemployment, shrinking of economy, crumbling of industries and pressure of the industrialists have forced government to give some relaxation in lockdown. On 20th onward,some industries and economic activities are permitted to operate with strict conditions.

India also feels safer in comparison to global trends of proliferation of disease and the mortality rate as total deaths are very low in India despite of having 1/5 of the total world population. This is evident from the following screenshots:

Covid 2.PNG

Covid 1.PNG

So, it is clear that India is performing well despite of meager healthcare facilities and large population. It may be because of immunity of the Indians or weakening of the virus strain or hot weather of the country or all of them. soem people are doubting that relaxation will help spread of the disease but, as we don't have any cure of it so far and infection is not showing symptoms in some people. So, we'll have to learn to live with the virus. We cannot let people die of hunger and depression. So,the government took a right approach by providing relaxation in lockdown.

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