Corona virus lockdown in India: Exodus of migrant workers and poor families!

Greetings Hivians!

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No doubt, corona virus infection is a pandemic. Many countries have been infected from the viruses. Situation is the same as we have seen in many Hollywood movies. I wonder only one thing is left, and that thing is 'aliens'. After, seeing aliens, we can say that we are living life as depicted in Sci-fi movies.

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Apart from the joke, situation is not so good in India. Government have imposed lock down for 21 days which may extend for indefinite period. Public lock-down is a good decision of the government as it was needed to check the spreading of the infection. However, it created panic among the people. People are panicking as they think it will cause shortage of food and other essential items. Many people are hoarding things while land lords are forcing tenants to vacant their houses.

So, it can be seen that lakhs of people have come on roads. They are bent on going to their villages from the big cities. There is no transport facility available. Many have to go to thousands of kilometers on foot. Poor families are carrying their belongings and are marching on foot towards their destination on empty stomach. Governments, authorities and other people are trying hard to help them but, situation is not coming under the control. It is certainly not going to help people keeping safe from the infection as those people can easily spread the virus. This is a worse case scenario. People have two choices-one is dying from corona virus infection and other is dying from hunger and frustration. They are choosing the second option.

We are not in the state to help them as going outside means taking risk of infection which is not feasible. And it doesn't seem that the situation will become normal shortly. It may take several months to get things normal again. Till then we cannot do anything as we might have done in normal condition.

May God save them all!
Please be safe and keep maintain social distance.

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