I love #steem long long


Here's a little bit about why I do this and I would like to give my part of contribution to @stephenkendal because I thought what he did is great. I'm hoping with my influence be able to help him, help the community to grow. I love #steem as much as he does, and I've been in the blockchain slacking a few months, and creating content for ALMOST 2 years now. Why would I have an account for 29 months and I'm only going to be two years? That's because I registered an account and left it idle. I was lack of confident in expressing myself, until November 29, 2017 and I took my first step!

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As you can see, the JPEG photo dated on the date I mentioned. If I have anything bad to say about #steem is, it really brings me too much of life. It led me to so much self confidence and nowadays I will not hesitate to sprung out anything in my mind and turn them into words and show it to my friends.

Photo courtesy of @vamos-amigo and detail write up can be found here

Not only that, I also earned many opportunities to meet #steem friends, make new friends in real life! My physical life has been nourished by the way of #steem . I have everything to prove that, with #steem I am a better person that I was yesterday. I've been able to give several introduction talks to different communities during the past 2 years. One of the further meetup even happened in Thailand Bangkok with @michaelcabiles

Original photography courtesy of @michaelcabiles

@stephenkendal Do not send me that steem as I believe others would want that help more than I do. If you appreciate my work, an upvote, retweet, resteem is greatly appreciated.