What exactly is a dystopian nightmare?


I am amazed that electric wheelchairs exist. They are a marvel of technology made possible by the advanced system of neoliberal capitalism we are fortunate enough to experience....this "dystopian nightmare" involves people surviving the previously unsurvivable and employing advanced technology to improve their lives in profound ways. This state of existence was unimaginable to any human being for 99.9% of the history of our species.

So no, this is not a dystopian nightmare.

The real dystopian nightmare are the hordes of ideological vandals who spend every waking moment working to undo the tremendous progress of capitalism and plunge the world into a new dark age.

The author of this tweet seeks to impose on the world a dystopian nightmare.

The playbook is always the same: abuse of language by invoking the word "equality" without specifying the type of equality, a focus on distribution without recognition of the need for production, and hyperbolic characterizations of the modern world on which we are blessed to live as a dystopia.

Also... What is a 2 year old doing with an electric wheelchair? Isnt that a bit too young?

I presume that there are probably types of mobility devices that are considered appropriate to various developmental stages and those who develop a need early in life probably rotate through them as they gain the ability to use different features.

That's another beautiful feature of savage neoliberalism, by the way: the invisible hand of the market has organized labor into hyper specialized fields. I am a designer through and through and I'm super good at that, but at the same time totally ignorant about wheelchair options for children.

But there are people out there who do nothing but scheme about how to give disabled kids the highest quality of life possible, while I scheme about how to keep their family appeased with luxury. What a beautiful way the savage invisible hand of neoliberalism has done.

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