The problem with youth activism..


I'm going to do my best to paraphrase an important insight from Douglas Murray which really sums up why I am generally terrified of youth activism and would prefer it if younger people stepped back and let older people do most of the work on social change.

Revolutions tend to be sexy ideas. When you're young, ignorant, but ambitious, you want a piece of the action when somebody presents you with an idea that, if implemented, should be the idea that changes the world for the better and solves all of our problems. Who wouldn't want a piece of that action?

Well, older people have heard the snake oil salesmen before. I don't regard myself as old (yet); but, I've been alive long enough to have seen the inherent fallibility of mankind, the horrors that result from certitude combined with power, and I've become immediately skeptical of anybody with "a plan."

Older people have heard all of the ideas that sounded great and polarized the people and we've seen the trails of blood and the fractured skulls that came as a result.

Ideally, people would just learn from history; but, clearly were not doing it. A shocking percentage of gen-z thinks that we should try communism. I'll die before I give those people the reins of modern culture.

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