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That is how it is done.

Ian Furgeson went to a store to buy something for his wife. The cashier began yelling, "Get the beep out of my store." This video got a million views on Facebook just 23 hours after upload. The same video got 28K views on YouTube. If it wasn't for all the shadow banning, the censorship, there would probably be millions of views for that video on YouTube as well. This video was also shared at and on @bashpr0mpt's Twitter as well. This is better than Project Veritas and Wikileaks in some ways as it exposes some big issues that are happening in the world. What Ian did is something we all can do with our phones. Wear a shirt that says something you care about, something you believe in, like Family First for example. Imagine that your shirt said, "Family First." Well, a person can get offended by that and that person may begin to yell and hit you. Pull out your camera and film it. That is how it is done. By the way, that cashier got fired for freaking out over the Trump Shirt Customer. Ian walked into Xhale City Vape in Tucker, GA, USA, to purchase Naked Juice for his wife and that SJW NPC soy boy overreacted in a melt down similar to that famous person saying, "You're a beeping white male."

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