PowerUp πŸ’ͺ September - ATeXoras 5 Year Plan Release!

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PowerUp Day πŸ’ͺ Delegation Giveaway

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πŸ€‘ 5 Year Plan, Really? 🀯

Oh yes! I have been waiting for this one πŸ’ͺ and this will be just the 1st Phase.

Last month, "almost" no one figured it out (some did πŸ˜‰) about my new #NFTs, so 😜. This month, I have decided to add more goodies... How do you feel about more POWER up #HIVE delegation if you hold such NFTs during the giveaway? πŸ€” 😎

(example of one of the #NFTs that you can acquire here) πŸ’ͺ

So, what does this entitle you with for now? Simple... check the same board for the valid #ATX NFTs πŸ‘‰HEREπŸ‘ˆ to understand how much extra HIVE POWER delegation you will be entitled to (I have updated it again), by just holding the damn #NFT during the giveaway draw. 😱

Each NFT will hold a different power... obviously. But you can foresee the reasons for it. There is also a compoundable NFT which makes you win both more ATX and HIVE POWER delegation the more #NFTs you have!

For easy peek (but please check the rules post still), here is how they currently go for (at this post time):

LinkNFTExtra DelegationCompoundable?
PowerUp ShardPowerUp Shard
0 HP
230 HP
ATX empowers HIVEATX empowers HIVE
10 HP
Electrifying Hive POWERElectrifying Hive POWER
100 HP

Note: The full supply of these NFTs might not all be listed for sale. This is one important part of the control mechanisms I have set in place to average unfairness.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them bellow. More down in this post about the reasons and strategy on this 5 year distribution.

πŸ›’Shopping 😍 over ATeXoras

(my retrospective about it)

Honestly, this is me being that "idiot" guy that keeps trying to please people all over the world πŸ˜›, waiting for motivation signals in order to act on to more strategy to help the community.


Simply, by producing ways to facilitate a sort of marketing distribution at almost zero profit for exposure and impact. I am no professional at merchandise stuff, and all I did was pure unique first experience thing. Thank you for supporting it!

I might sound a bit lame, but because I wanted the same for myself once... a way to provide gear at lowest cost possible, this was just perfect to justify in my head. And that's what I am trying to do, effortlessly obviously (otherwise this would no be possible), but trying to use simple ways to spread the word of how I feel and understand about this blockchain community and its technology motivation.

But never forgetting the objective of forging more exposure with the aim of bringing you all even more powerful impacts by including you (even if this is not yet visible) in being apart of this. Similar to how I feel about doing this, you will hopefully feel in partaking to spread your own ways of doing the same (which is my biggest decentralized goal), while promoting the ownership of your own stuff and communicating your own understanding about all this.

I haven't yet got time to add more stuff, but I will.

😏 Games! 😜

πŸ€– Golem Overlord

Damn, this Golem Overlord game has been crazy... Since my last post about this, I was still around rank 700, and the objective of being above 200 was quite hard to achieve. But I did it!

And along the way, found a bit more of the "why's" of some strategies. So, currently I am striving to gain a lot of prestige levels... it helps at least a LOT to be at least on prestige level 4 (and reach level 30), to gain access to the extra 12 hours claim.

There is also something that somehow became capped after reaching out to these levels. Which is how much can you protect on production against others that have bigger stashes.

After reaching around 200 levels, it became obvious that the ramping of defense in order to protect around 500-600 PART in 12 hours is way steeper.

But, it makes a huge difference! Hence the expected competition on that cost.

Don't forget that if you want to try the game, I will provide you with a free #NFT if you use my referral. I don't know others offering things, but if you find any better than mine, go for it! Just trying to grab your attention for the game. πŸ˜‹

I have a few... they can add a few % extra to your PART claims also.

πŸ‘ dCrops

Last time on dCrops (above picture) I mentioned the fact that was cooking. Since I kept the practice and this is now providing some extra shares that result in more CROP rewards at the end of each period.

Leveling up the recipes will keep providing some additional bonuses. So, that's what I will keep doing.

I still have to hold a bunch more rewards to start winning more chests. But its already starting to raise! 1 MORE (11 items total).

πŸš€ TerraCore

On this one the biggest announcement for me, was the new SCRAP:FLUX pool.

πŸ”« CryptoShots

I didn't do much this week, besides distressing πŸ”« sometimes on the multiplayer mode...

But I have heard this weekend #HIVE and #CryptoShots will be around the https://rareevo.io special event, which is a great opportunity for the game and hive ecosystem exposure.

Besides @cryptoshots.nft, @aggroed, @wrestorgonline, @traciyork, @simplegame, @crimsonclad, and more of our community at the Hive hangout area will be also there!

I am not sure if they will be having people playing the game on the event, but if so, you might find me πŸ”«πŸ˜Ž shooting you! 😁

😎 A big list of Games?

I have created a list on linktr.ee for easier distribution and further ways for me to support the games. Check it out here (preview bellow). If you know about any others missing, now its the time to drop me those links (and I know some of you did this in past when I shared the list on Twitter, so πŸ™).

😍 ATX New Distribution 🀩 Plan

We reach the part where everyone is eagerly looking to find out what I have to share in this post. 😜 A finally awaited moment for being a wild explorer on this chain. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Sorry to spoil your mood, but don't get too excited! 🀣 I just enjoy little things that really mean more than just what they value... its probably because of their history, but they excite me. 🀩

And please, do not take my plans/strategy for granted or as an exemplary plan, I am not an oracle! I am just a person that loves decentralization and to test and experiment with technology while having fun. So, I might not be right sometimes πŸ˜‹... just that, ok?

(ATX:SWAP.HIVE pool seen at the BeeSwap UI - before the distribution)

But the reality is that I have studied this for a while and I came to the conclusion that this might be a good experiment... cheap (for everyone else to try copy too if you so desire) and probably controllable over time, protecting the distribution against exploitation.

I know that those words just basically mean nothing and this would only represent fairly unsettled rules, but this is what I can share for now (maybe a DAO will apply later, as I had it planned)... and I don't want to win anything on things like "free issuing" (where I could just issue everything or a part and then populate this distribution to get an advantage), and if I wish to hold any tokens I will do my own purchases on the pair for the distribution to get distribution like any of you will.

Making me "advantageous" on it, would prove nothing of what I am trying to validate. So, nahhh... I don't want to win stuff for free, if that would be a medium for motivation, that would be towards everyone else, with me and only me alone excluded (and all the accounts I own). I have also excluded distribution of @atexoras account on the distribution itself, as it makes sense for me, that the account that distributes should not be entitled more distribution methods.

Why I am excluding myself on these things, you ask?

Well, I have some power on decision and influence here and therefore I don't want to be included on the power collected by having such capability (such as printing stuff for free for me). If I like the distribution value, I will invest in it myself like anyone can do (which is what I will most likely do, to support anyone joining it and because its part of my own ideas of having something I created). And because its my damn token! 😜 I want a bit of it too!

Yes, I suppose you could argue that I might have my own "tricks" on the distribution phase that could make things weird, but on that topic I have opted to be transparent about what I know now here, and give some time for people to reach and learn, making their own decisions. Given that I don't want anything for free in this (I think the only single token I initially issued, is the only thing I could state as "I won") and I am still supporting the cost of implementing this (in BEE token), so, the only thing I am focused is in testing the strategy method of distribution.

Distribution Plan

Distribution Plan
(horrible draft - but for now will do)

With this distribution, you will be able to partake into it if providing liquidity to the ATX:SWAP.HIVE pool for ATX distribution in a daily basis. And therefore if you have/hold some ATX tokens already, you will have some advantage, but you can also swap tokens to either decrease or increase your shares on the distribution contract. Up to you!

The distribution will have +1% (daily) bonus, so, be aware that if you withdraw liquidity, you will loose some bonus.

I would like also to encourage other token owners to collaborate (donating) on adding distribution to the pool pair as I will be using my pool onward for many things, hence if you are there, you get the "free" marketing thing. I don't have ANY preferences and I don't want to forge interests. What you provide there is up to you and will be publicly accepted as a gift to the community!


The distribution will be set for the 5 years (365 * 5 = 1,825 + 1 = 1,826) and then every year there will be a new phase of ATX tokens issued to the distribution, according to the plan above.

The amounts per phase can potentially increase (never decrease), but if I did my math correctly, in principle I won't have to do that (which is part of why I am announcing them now). And the estimates are based on very low prices of HIVE too at the moment, so please take that into consideration.

Details of what I am doing after this gets posted...

  1. Creating the distribution for 5 years on the ATX:SWAP.HIVE pair.
  2. Issue 6000 ATX tokens into the above distribution.
  3. Before 2 year of distribution, issue more 100k ATX into the above distribution.
  4. Before 3 years of distribution, issue more 500k ATX into the above distribution.
  5. Before 4 years of distribution, issue more 5M ATX into the above distribution.
  6. Before 5 years of distribution, issue more 100M ATX into the above distribution.


This will represent roughly 10.56% of the total supply issued and distributed via the ATX:SWAP.HIVE pool contract in the 5 years time.

The remaining incentives of distributing ATX via #giveaways and the Pubs Community will remain for now until further notice. This will depend on how things progress and my time.

New pools will be created (planned) in the future. These can or not have ATX distribution on them. The required BEE for these are not yet determined from where they will come from, but likely will be free stuff from my end too.

In each new phase (4 total) other additional distribution methods can be released.


Obviously all of this serves as exercise to everyone that wants to learn about pools on any of the UIs available and at the same time to act as mechanism of excitement. Crypto does not have to be boring...


I will be personally motivated to participate in all of this, but all of that inclusion will always come from my own liquid value, and never printed towards my own benefit. I know that's not programmatically guaranteed, but that's what I want to do, and only your own validation will be the ruling vote for now.

Feel free to cast that at any time. 😎

Hopefully this motivates some people... 🧐

My aim is to promote and allow blockchain experience to be learned/acquired at low to no expense. While having fun, and if you can win some bucks because you are very smart, then good for you!

I will still try to protect people against "scams" and things that don't make sense. But please make sure you are not investing ALL your finances here or causing harm to you or your loved ones financially. This is not and investment product, and therefore you should only classify this as a motivational experience that will make you feel more prone to learn about HIVE blockchain technology.

My πŸ–οΈ motivation!

Have fun, play games, learn, and when possible, teach new things to newcomers, showing them how interesting this place can be.

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Follow for #news about the #HIVE #Blockchain, and other stuff. I sometimes get crazy with what happens around social media. I am following all HIVE users! No promises of behavior. 😁

In addition, if you are looking for a nice place to either reach out, share or just have a great time, come along to @atexoras.pub gatherings. We welcome everyone on the blockchain.

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(✍Delegate) - 3Speak Network - You win 0.015% SPK tokens if you delegate LARYNX to other nodes, as opposed to only 0.010% from your powered LARYNX!

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πŸ“° Public Hive Engine Infrastructure

Any feedback/problems, feel free to contact me! My stuff is being monitored via UpTimeRobot where you can find their current status or just come along to the ATX Discord server.

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