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Where the hell is Forkyβ“πŸ˜‰

He (me in the 😈DARK format) is fricking 🀯 with all your engagement and dedication, to be honest. And that's entirely because of what you all understand and interpret about what I do... nothing of this is because of me. U are the 🌟⭐🌟s!

At start, I just created the Twitter account to kind of "play around" and never thought it would get this far... then you made me re'think about what I had to say or do, so I started adapting.

But, it has been quite difficult to support this push, mostly because some of my life changed, and I had to adapt my ways of supporting it. And that does not mean less on the #blockchain side. Just a whoop shift of strategy on different channels...

I am still very available on the back of the channels around Discord and within the #hive chain... 100% asynchronously available (plus a very techy guy). 😎 Timezone wise there are some reasons for my help to not always reach the rest of the planet very quickly, but if you are cool with some delay and need to ask questions, reach me here or on any other channels. I think I have been doing an OK job with that. At least...

Towards the future of this (@forkyishere on Twitter and other socials), I can't disclose much, but let's say I will keep using it for the same reasons I started it.

Sharing my experience into what I know about blockchain technology, and that has lots of #hive in it!

Blockchain development never stops...

If you were used to very long "dead" times back in the day... then wash those moments and wake up! Currently, hive development days happen quite faster than before... and it's only getting faster. 🀯

There are some newly released quality-based updates on the (1.27.4) newest version of #hive that I am testing... and this will be also preparing for the new HF28 =)

This does not mean more instability... the other way around! The more testing and validation are done, the more people are contributing towards developing code.

For most people, these don't change anything (and that's going to become even more common over time if things continue like this), but for the ones trying to see the balance behind the nitty-gritty of the back of everything around this blockchain, these changes play a comfortable quality step! - check it out for sure.

A retrospective... towards myself 😍

I can't even grasp or realize how much this is turning out... but to have 732 unique IPs visiting my hive-engine / 3speak nodes is just something 🀯 out of my imagination! I mean, I am in a fricking nowhere... and serving you all, from an island. I can only say, it works! Decentralization WORKS!!! 😎

In terms of requests, things are quite hard to control and the challenge is lifted here. This is where when you want to turn a notch higher into any venture you are trying to follow. If you wanna bring life qualities (to power users), this is probably where you want to look and invest.

Most of these, mean, low-latency and lots of instructions per second, both at communication levels and at the storage technology you use. This means, probably, higher-end CPU+RAM tech, with better comms! - sorry, geek alert! Yep... normal terms, this just means, recent gear!

AMD or Intel (ARM will be soon next year), the most useful part of hive code is memory latency + parallelism on communication devices. Those are storage devices or networking ones.

Bandwidth requirements are not that big (for me)... currently, the 34 GB per month is nothing... so, again, focus on response time!

I am still reserving my knowledge to the fact that if someday this goes the MPI route, I am going to be there VERY quickly! Demonstrating how to achieve scalability within a single memory namespace application. For now, just a geek (brainless) thought that might never achieve realization due to the way the code requirements flow (aka HPC can't solve everything).

Supporting games is becoming...

Exhausting! But still very fun to go for... and that's both time and financially wise. I mean, if I could play 10 games every day, I would, but it's becoming impossible for me. So the reasoning behind this has been to just select and pinpoint when I see there is a good motivation for me to make some "good" noise (hopefully impactful). Most of you (big players) already know I am here not to challenge you, even if sometimes it feels like I do. 🀣

(@terracore #game with @asgarth UI)

My "game" is much bigger than just getting a profit from these games... I might try as hard as I can, but that's just to test the reasoning of what's possible within human limits. I like to have a feeling!

Eventually, I just giveaway... and this is the reason I am supporting games... I just want to help. You, an unknown person to #hive, are my motivation to shift your web2 (or web2.69 😜 if you are lucky) gaming experience feedback, towards this community. Gather that not-yet-detailed experience towards decentralization and lift you with the essentials for you to get along by yourself within the layer we call true WEB3.

Let's drive through something I did hold for a long time... and you can reach out to this list in future updated ways (to the best of my ability) over my ATX Discord server.

This is just an example of what I have been involved... lately!

  • https://splinterlands.com?ref=forykw (one of the first games, due to being created by the creators of the Hive-Engine (2nd layer chain on HIVE)
  • https://dcity.io (mostly NFT based, and one of the oldest games after splinterlands)
  • https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=forykw (first free2play game? that had a very great expansion, about music obviously and where some people can even sell their music via NFTs)
  • https://www.dcrops.com/?ref=forykw (a still very much in Beta game, but evolving very well in the last year. You are a farmer and can plant/harvest crops. Great sustained presence!)
  • https://stardomplay.com/?invitedBy=forykw (very recent game, similar to risingstargame but about the film industry... still very early but going in a specific different way...)
  • https://kryptogamers.com/?ref=forykw (casino-type games, slot machines, etc... has more than 2 or 3 years, maybe more, and I misjudging)
  • https://play.wrestlingorganizationonline.com/ (still in beta and not with any "playable" content yet, but doing a very promising launch via NFTs sales and staking/investment economic initiatives. I like the community a lot!)
  • https://farm.hashkings.app/ (had a referral but I forgot and can't recall if they have still, but about mainly weed farming, and then is also a factory startup for many other mini-games. I am going to confess... I could not follow this one all the way... my fault!)
  • https://hive.crypto-shots.com/ (initially created on WAX blockchain, now supports HIVE as well. It's a shoot-and-play game, that needs some purchases of NFTs in order to be playable. Built on Unity engine, a very popular engine for web front ends. I have failed to play because of time... but I love the way it went and the quickness it can go through just a web browser)
  • https://muterra.in/ (has also a referral system but it's manual, one will have to enter the account of their choice. This is a different game, from Splinterlands but also uses a similar system of NFT and attributes. Although this is a quite different new environment available to the ecosystem).
  • https://exodegame.com/?ref=65f4a28 (space simulation game, based on a history of a ship that you need to escape and then land on a planet... it's quite complex to get the flow of how it works... and it's still very in development, for a long time... but looks still very possible to achieve a final state and if it takes ages to finish but it finishes, then it's all worth it! - this is the way)
  • https://www.kingofduels.online/login/forykw (card game like Splinterlands, but different - I have played it a bit but not much to tell more about it)
  • https://splinterforge.io/ (a game innovating by re-using NFTs from splinterlands and creating another gameplay using those NFTs and with other rules, early but can be played for earn already I believe)
  • https://genesisleaguesports.com/ (a sports game, lots of staking options, connected to splinterlands)
  • https://www.terracoregame.com/?ref=forykw (new oGame alike game? YES! - very alpha yet, so, take diligence to understand things might not be working as they should. Recently supporting NFTs too!).

Note: I have been involved with way more than these, but for the sake of confusing the community I am not going to mention them. But the ride has been enormous!

Hopefully I didn't offend anyone's work... πŸ€”

Keep the motivation... I am here for more than just games. The future is going to be promising in the next 2 years. Stay around if you can, and teach the ones you think you can enjoy some of this fun with you.

@defibenji agrees with me! 😜

My πŸ–οΈ motivation!

Have fun, good luck on all the gaming, learning, and when/if you are up to it, teaching new things to newcomers, and showing them how interesting is this place.

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