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Hi there! How are you today?

Today I will share with you how can you build a fucking great Separator. Ok... In my case, just a great separator eheh

I believe that you already saw the "famous" separator all over the places and ask: How can I do this... Today 2 people ask this in a group where I am. I'm a good guy and I will give you a tips eheh

You can follow the Tutorial or jump to the end of the post and watch the video I made.


What do you DON'T need 

You don't need to be a Designer or something like that to create a great separator and I will show you! :)

Do you have PhotoShop or Illustrator? No? Ok. It's fine! You don't need any paid software to do something like this xb

What DO you need 

  • Internet access
  • Read all the post
  • Give me an upvote 
  • Share with us in the comment section your new separator and spread envy

Tutorial Time


We need a software to do this work and I know the perfect tool to get the job done! I present to you

Go there and give the sizes: 800px 53px. You will get something like this:

Get A Photo

Now we already did the setup lets find a nice image to add. To do this you can use any kind of photo. I like vectors so let's get one. Go and choose one.

Now, that you found a great Icon you can select how do you preferer download. For this example, I will select PNG and the bigger size (512px). Save the image to a place you know.

Make the thing

Ok, so... We have the program and an image let's create our separator. Back to the gravit, go to "file=>Import=>Place Image..." and select your image.

Great! Almost done! Now just create a line (press "R" on you keyboard). 

Ok. We have a line and an image. If your line is over the image don't worry just press the line and go here:

Now chose your favorite color for the line. 

To center just select all the things and press these 2 buttons:

Ok. Last step! Go to "file=>Export=>Export..." 

Select Background Transparent

And finally, export!

So congrats!! Now you have a separator! Simple, right? Like I said I did a video where I explain all this. Check it out.


Like you can see it's a simple thing. If you need help with something just say in comment section. I will help you in the best way I know! :)

@valorforfreedom have a great post about this, In "Steem School EP 7 - How to Create an Awesome Separator for Your Posts!" He use photoshop.

The Winner Of The Best Comment

The winner of the best comment: @cryptosharon. Thanks for your lovely comment! :)

Special Thanks

Thank you so much @eonwarped. Now I can use my account again! :)

See you later!

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