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Qsounds is not just another HIVE Music community. The goal of this community is to be the place where we not just share Sounds and Music but give it a Personal touch.

What we share can be anything: our Experiences, our Thoughts, our Knowledge, our Opinions, our Dreams!

Anybody is welcome including all Sound & Music fans and creators.

But don’t forget: Sounds and Music without a Personal touch is just Sounds and Music that we can find anywhere on the internet. Cool in itself: But won’t we appreciate Sounds and Music more when something Personal or some Story is added?

Don’t be surprised when your contributions are visited by curator teams.


- Stories: We all have so many of them; Simply share them!

- Writing: Long form; Short form; All is Allowed

- Interacting with other Members is Encouraged

- Cross-Posting is Discouraged

- Respectless Behaviour is Forbidden

- Plagiarism, Spamming, Recycling is Forbidden