Little Projects

Today was a day for buns and the garden.

The buns are nearly two months old now, and it's well past time they left the nest. Harvest is at twelve weeks. Yesterday, Other Mombun gave birth to a litter of eight new pile buns. Mombun will follow suit in a couple of weeks as well. The pile buns will be listed for sale by the kiddos, who will get a cut of the money for their help. Anything that doesn't sell becomes yums.

Kiddos by the new grow-out cage

I built another cage last week with the intent of having a good sized grow out cage. 3x4 feet is pretty big, so I made another cage from the remaining half of the IBC tote. I really like this style of cage, though it is a bit tall and difficult to reach the back.

Soph gently drying explorabun

The pile buns had been sleeping in their best bucket still, so we bathed the three that are presumably the bottom pile buns. Shortly thereafter, my friends advised me that it's generally a bad idea to wash a rabbit. Not sure why, but we'll find out I suppose.

Melissa helping dry another bun

Buns exploring their new cage

Some printer parts came in this week. I ordered them shortly after my last post when I learned that my direct drive mount rendered the extruder power cable too short. Last night after work I spent a little time soldering up an extension while I listened to a podcast episode. Tomorrow I run test prints to try and get the new setup calibrated and happy for printing with new material. I'd like for this setup to start paying for itself soon, so if anyone needs anything printed, hit me up. Crypto payments only, I prefer XMR, but steem, hive, and other major tokens are accepted too.

Printer modifications

The rabbitry is booming with seventeen animals at last count, and we're about to get another pair to bring in even more bloodline diversity. A guy at work is getting out of rabbits and selling three pairs with feeders, waterers, and cages for $45 a pair. That'll be far more rabbits than I can reasonably breed for meat, but their POOP, y'all. That's where it's at. Come spring, I'm gonna have piles of co.posted bunny poo to share with friends and sell to other gardeners. As of now, with the six pile buns, two mombuns, and a boybun, we're getting about a bucket of poo a week. @bobydimitrov, check it out, I actually paid attention to numbers for once.

I'll do another post with more detail later, but for now it's bed time and I have to get milk in the morning.

Gnite y'all!

Love from Texas

Nate 💚