New Wheel System for Moving Coops

We’ve used several wheel systems to move our coops, always trying to improve over the old system with each new one.

Salatin pen2 - wheel design Nov. 08.jpg
Original system on the Salatin pen

Wooden lever, plastic wheels, metal strapping holding the axle, none stood up well.

Coops stored for winter1 - wheels crop Nov. 09.jpg
Metal strapping holding on the axles on the pasture coop

Coop - movable2 crop Nov. 08.jpg
A 4 wheel system on the pasture coop, but still using metal strapping for holding on the axles

We used progressively bigger wheels on this coop over the years. It moved easier with each increase in size.

Corner brace plan1 wheel system crop.jpg
Axle to go into the bottom frame

Wheel mechanism1 crop June 2015.jpg
A metal lever, bigger wheels, but not strong enough for the job

The wheels would cant over towards the coop sides and rub, making it harder to move.

New wheel system1 crop June 2018.jpg
Top side: Welded metal framework for lever, bigger tires

We bartered computer repair for welding work to get these made this year.

New wheel system2 crop June 2018.jpg
Bottom side: welded to a strong angle iron and the lever

New wheel system4 crop June 2018.jpg
Top side

The problem with bigger wheels is the inner tube curtains inside the coop, to keep chicks in while moving, are too short…

New wheel system3 crop June 2018.jpg
Bottom side

New wheel system6 crop June 2018.jpg
Longer axles

The longer axles were in case we went to bigger wheels or ones with different hubs, like below.

New wheel system7 crop June 2018.jpg
Current wheel size

We got these tires from Harbor Freight. They are 13” heavy duty pneumatic tires.

Mobile coop - turning2 crop July 10.jpg

The next update for mobility will be an easier steering system. We are still using the 2” x 6” x 8’ rough cut board we started using with the Salatin pen in 2008…

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