Apple Prep - September 16, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

Cold frame covers put away crop Sept. 2021.jpg

On Thursday my son had washed up all the cold frame covers and set them to dry. On Friday morning he and I went out and emptied the shed so we could put them away. They are in the back left corner. We also put away some hoses and tidied up the shed some.

Apples - drops washed crop Sept. 2021.jpg

My job for the day was to get all the buckets of drop apples I’d collected sorted and washed. I will use these for the vinegar.

Apples - drops washed2 crop Sept. 2021.jpg

This is the 3rd food preservation job I’ve done in this new kitchen. It’s so much nicer than having to scour the butcher shop to work there. The old kitchen was far too small for a job like this.

On Saturday I have to cut these up, get the press out and pressure wash it and sanitize it, harvest the apples on the tree, wash them, cut them up and use them for cider, and vinegar if I don’t get 4 gallons from the ones I did today.

I have about 10 people coming to help. They will go home with the extra cider, as I can’t drink it.

It’s going to be a long day, but should be fun.

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