Beauty: Calendula allied to the skin

Friends Steemians, today I will tell you about the benefits of a medicinal plant par excellence, which also has beautiful flowers of vibrant orange or yellow, I am talking about the calendula, which offers excellent properties to improve our skin.

Its scientific name is Calendula officinalis, it is a botanical family of the Asteraceae, it is also known as marigold and golden button. This plant is of Mediterranean origin and for the beauty of its flowers it is used to decorate gardens; However, this beautiful shrub has more to offer, because in addition to having many health properties, for being antiseptic, antispasmodic, fungicide, avoiding ulcers, regulate digestive processes, among others. It is also known for providing benefits in the field of beauty, as it is rich in favorable moisturizing emollients to reverse the signs of aging that our skin suffers.

The calendula contains important amounts of saponias, phytosterols and beta-carotene, substances that calm irritations and soften the skin. This plant is anti-inflammatory and acts on damaging tissues, notoriously restructuring its structure. It improves the pink spots of the skin and also acts as an excellent astringent.

Friends, this plant is ideal to keep our skin soft and smooth, hence I recommend it widely, it can be used in infusions, scans, oils and poultices. Now you know how calendula can provide benefits to keep you beautiful and younger.

I hope you like this post, see you soon!


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