Basil for love

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Today is Sunday of the magic of the plants, I am pleased to speak today about the Basil, a plant that has its origin in India, and is known by scientific name Ocimum basíliscum, this aromatic herb has always been used to maintain a good health; in the kitchen, to highlight the flavor of the meals, make infusions, beauty treatments and even aromatherapy; However, not many know about their magical powers for love.

Friends steemians, the basil was used by many civilizations that realized the esoteric powers of this plant, especially, it was used for questions of love, for its exquisite aroma and the striking of its leaves that resemble a heart; It is known that the Celts greatly appreciated this herb, and practiced many rituals where this was the protagonist, they to know if their relationship would be solid, they took a basil silver to the place where they would live with their future partner, if it withered, it was a bad sign that that relationship would not prosper; it was also used by single women, who offered it to the man they liked, and if he accepted it, it was a way of accepting a loving commitment; As you can see, these civilizations used this plant as a powerful magical resource to know issues related to love.

Today many experts in the field of magic, continue to take advantage of the powers of this fascinating herb, in this post I will leave some of the rituals that I found during my research:

Ritual to get love: it consists of boiling a branch of basil and adding honey, to then take a bath with this preparation.

Ritual for fidelity: Consists of drying the basil and making a powder, which then should be sprayed to the couple while they are sleeping, to avoid this being unfaithful.

Ritual To revive love: It consists of making an infusion of chamomile and adding seven basil leaves, once you turn it off you must impregnate a yellow handkerchief, when drying, introduce three leaves of this herb and tie it with a red ribbon, to then offer it to your partner so that the love lasts.

Ritual to know if you will have a happy marriage: Some basil leaves are placed on some burning coals, if these burn quickly and make ashes, it will be a sign of a long and happy marriage, however, if these leaves are burned violently and they throw sparks, it would be the harbinger of a bad union and therefore a future separation.

There are many other rituals, in this post, just tell them some of the most popular, likewise, it is also said, that this herb keeps the couple more sexually disposed and is good for fertility.

Friends as you see not only the plants have common uses, they every day amaze us with how versatile they can be, as the case of basil that can help us find, keep fanning the most beautiful feeling we can feel, love.

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