Got A Special Delivery Yesterday!

Hello all :)

This is just a quick post to say thanks to a friend that sent me a package that I've have been anxiously awaiting for awhile now. And it finally has arrived and I am happy to announce that I am the brand new owner to a jar of homemade maple syrup. This special present was made by @snook & hubby.


It was packaged nicely, and had lotsa bubble wrap... and a WHOLE LOTTA TAPE! :D


I also got a cool homemade card to go with it too.


There was an awesome note on the back, and you may have seen this artwork on @snook's blog before if I recall correctly.

And at last we arrived at the coup de grace of your patience in the showing... lol :D


I am super glad that I have some awesome homemade syrup to enjoy, and thanks again to @snook for the special delivery, it is appreciated!

Peace Out... Bitches!

All photos of said syrup are mine rofl :D