My Hivewatchers blacklist. My apology to the Hive community.

I talked to Hive Watchers on Discord (thank you for the invite,. @damla)

What did I do wrong

It is came to my attention (people on Hive told me recently) that translating articles is plagiarism. This is what I have done. Translating articles from Hungarian to English (I am a native Hungarian). People also told me that it is important to mention the sources whenever I use anything from other sources, which I already knew at least in the case of images. I am doing things in good faith, and I honestly did not knew that translating articles is plagiarism.

I have done translating with the faith that I put work and time into the translations, and that is accepted. But it is clearly not. By multiple reports from @erikah, I ended up on the @hivewatchers blacklist. This resulted in excessive downvotes from @adm and @spaminator. This means that even my completely original posts got downvoted. Every pending rewards on my latest posts has been reduced to zero. I do not understand the downvotes from the latter. I did not spammed, and I will not spam, but I am getting those downvotes, even on my comments.

I also mention the fact that I often used the help of online translators (for example DeepL) and dictionaries (for example MTA Sztaki, Webfordítás) to translate the articles.

In addition to the translations, I also did paraphrasing on one occassion.

The links to all abusive (plagiarism/translation) posts (and the paraphrasing post) from me

The translations:

The paraphrasing:

The other (original) posts were Actifit report cards, Splinterlands related posts, a giveaway post, and black and white photos, which was all made by me, but they were still downvoted by the above mentioned and/or other accounts.

My apology to the community

I already apologized multiple times, but I do it again.

I am honestly truly sorry for plagiarising by translating articles, and paraphrasing. I promise not to do these things again. I also promise that whenever I will use any kind of content from other sources, I will mention the sources in every case.

I kindly ask everyone to please forgive me for these mistakes.

I know that I made mistakes, and I already learned from them, and I will post original content.

I know that my appeal consist of 30 days, and I am aware that I have to ask a review on Discord after that.

Again, I am really sorry. And thank you for the second chance.

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